What is the Wolven Instinct?

Large Wolf head On

The Wolven Instinct is being developed as a resource for Western men and women, in order to reawaken the power of our collective consciousness and guiding us to greater power as individuals. We will discuss everything from cultural philosophy, morality, history, spirituality, mindfulness, physical fitness, nutritional science, survivalism, skill development, emotional intelligence, and more.

I do not write these words from the perception of a guru or a Jedi master. But merely from the perception of a man in search of something greater than himself. My hope is to carve a pathway for other like-minded individuals and to make their journey more focused and less difficult than my own. My inspiration is driven entirely by the desire to provide others with the information that I wish I had available to me ten or even twenty years earlier in my life. I believe that we are capable of becoming much more than we have been allowed and that our greatest weapon going forward will be the quality of the education that we provide for those younger than ourselves.

To begin, we must first understand the very basics of psychological development and what is required to produce a generation of capable and mentally sound human beings.

The Beast Within.

Starting from birth, every human being is embedded with base level instincts, which guide them to the fundamental needs related to survival and replication. These include the need to eat, to sleep, to drink, and to satisfy their sexual urges. Unregulated, these instincts can cause us to make harsh decisions in order to obtain immediate gratification.

Without any external education, our instincts are regulated according to the risk involved procuring our desires. This allows us to strategize and consider the possible consequences of our actions. However, this inborn information is related only to survival and does not influence any moral judgment. Its main concern is whether or not we are taking a risk that could potentially lead to personal injury or death. In the absence of proper morality, there is nothing to stop us from being careless with the hearts, minds, and bodies of our kin.

So where does our initial moral education come from? What is it that makes us value each other, put aside our individual needs, and work together for a mutual outcome? What is it that makes us feel guilt or shame connected to improper thoughts or actions? Or pride when we make personal sacrifices for the benefit of others?

The answer to that is simple: The nuclear family and the greater community.

Emperor Riding Horse

Order Out Of Chaos.

The nuclear family is the absolute bedrock of Western civilization. Removing this necessary foundation will result in the crumbling of society itself. Without the family, we quickly decline towards the chaotic nature of individualism. Instead of a strong community bound by its shared way of life and dedicated to the constant evolutionary progress of future generations; it becomes every man for himself. We become absent of our morals and of our self-control.

Each parent plays a distinct role in the development of their child’s psyche. When one parent is absent or incapable of fulfilling their natural role, children miss out on information that will affect them forever. From our mothers, we learn love, compassion, connection with our identity, and the importance of a strong family bond. From our fathers, we learn order, strength, responsibility, discipline, and authority. Together they give us everything we need to become morally sound, physically healthy, and productive members of society.

It is this structure that allows our sons to become the fathers and warriors they were meant to be. As well as providing young women with the desire to follow in their mother’s footsteps, ensuring the future of our descendants. These bonds also set the standard for their future relationships and regulate what they require of possible friends and romantic partners.

To further cement the importance of the nuclear family on overall societal development, we need to look no further than the statistics.

Children from fatherless homes are more likely to end up in prison. In fact, 85% of children locked up in an institution comes from a broken family.

Fatherless homes are responsible for 75% of all children in rehabilitation centers for substance abuse, 63% of children who commit suicide, 90% of homeless and runaway children, 85% of children with behavioral disorders, and 80% of children who become rapists and violent criminals.

Children with a complete and healthy family structure are less likely to give up on their education, more likely to achieve higher quality accomplishments, and also to be involved in extracurricular activities or community service. They are also more likely to start successful families of their own, continuing the necessary life cycle of Western Civilization.

This information should make it clear as to why our own development is of the utmost importance. We are the gateway to their future and we cannot give them what we have not mastered ourselves. Through the constant progression of our own evolution, we provide our children with a powerful advantage. Out of our own sacrifices, they will have the opportunity to advance far beyond our own achievements.

Of Gods And Heroes.


Apart from the role our immediate family plays in our early development, there are also other elements of society that serve to protect and preserve the greatness of our people. In the case of an absent or an inadequate parent, it is necessary to provide other beacons of light to guide our young towards the path of glory. These beacons come in the form of community leaders, national heroes, myths, and religious archetypes.

The health of civilization can easily be measured by who is elevated to the top tier of the social hierarchy. These are the people who will inspire our children to follow in their footsteps, whether or not their path is truly conducive to upward evolution. Every parent wishes to have absolute control over their child‘s development, but as humans, we are also strongly influenced by social conditioning. We learn a significant amount of behavioral cues from interacting with our peers, as well as learning what they value and how to climb the social ladder. As such, it is necessary not only to provide a healthy family environment but also a strong and dedicated communal environment.

Our ancestors designed society with a strong focus on the development of the young. Many of our ancient heroes are archetypal father figures, warriors, wisdom seekers, matriarchs, goddesses, healers, and anyone who has served to protect or nurture the community as a whole. This is something that has been degraded by those who seek to subvert the betterment of our society for their own profit and power.

Instead of positive role models, our children have been subjected to those who promote sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, hyper-individualism, substance abuse, victim mentality, lack of responsibility, rebellion against the family, and the celebration of shallow or undeserved celebrity. In spite of the fact that, behind the curtains that shield their reality from the public, these celebrities are extremely unhappy with their lifestyles. They are incapable of maintaining a healthy family environment, often develop extreme sexual perversions, and die young from either suicide or drug overdose.

Weapons Of War.

A brief examination of European history shows us that the peak of our greatest empires coincided with the strength of our family bonds, our spiritual connection, and our shared collective culture. What is also apparent is that the fall of these great empires was preceded by the breakdown of this cultural consciousness and the pursuit of individual hedonistic desires.

The following elements of society are not random circumstances, but weapons that are being used against us by our enemies. In order to develop ourselves to our maximum potential, it will be necessary that we first understand the challenges that we must face together, and how to counter these attacks.

Imperial Eagle

De-legitimizing and Demonizing European Identity.

It has been repeated a thousand times over that history is written by the victors. That after the battle is over, only those in power are capable of telling their story. They control what the public believes to be true, and in turn, present the dominant narrative in their favor. Over the last century, this absolute fact has been a powerful weapon of our enemies.

They have used their reach of power to alter the facts of history and morally legitimize the destruction of Western nations and culture. This weapon has been so powerful that it has convinced many Europeans and their descendants to feel guilt or shame connected to their heritage. So much so, that they have not only been willing to allow its destruction to take place, but have also taken action that aids in its downfall.

Several ethnic groups are not only allowed, but encouraged to march in unity, to have pride in their identity, and fight for their self-determination; but for whites, this is considered the epitome of immorality. It inspires fairy tale delusions of German monsters who seek to conquer, dominate, and genocide anyone who stands in their way. It is so offensive to the average person that the simple phrase “It’s Ok To Be White” or “We Have A Right To Exist,” has inspired national outrage. Nobody would dare criticize a message saying “It’s Ok To Be Black” or Asian, or Muslim, Or Jewish. It is clear that anyone who debates the validity of the message “It’s Ok To Be White” feels that it is not ok to be white.

This proves that their all-inclusive message has nothing to do with living together in peace. When they talk about spreading diversity, it is only in countries founded and fueled by white heritage. Nobody says that Africa or China needs more diversity. Anything we have to ourselves they want to take away and they call us evil for wanting to defend it. Diversity is not about inclusion, it is about wiping us out.

To make matters worse, young children are being taught that the accomplishments of our ancestors were only possible through the enslavement and subjugation of other people. They are being taught that they have nothing to be proud, in spite of the fact that our accomplishments have raised the standard of living all over the world. We have brought written languages to cultures who previously didn’t have them. We’ve provided them with inventions that gave them the capability to develop superior infrastructures. We’ve given them philosophy, science, astronomy, irrigation, medical advancement, and the ability to travel over oceans.

Is this the great crime we must pay for with our lives?

Mass Immigration and Failed Multiculturalism.

Immigration Skulls.jpeg

This was the most complex topic for me to summarize. Especially with the different circumstances we face here in the United States, versus the current conditions of many European countries. But for the sake of conveying a simple message that applies to all of us, I will focus on the importance of these three concepts.

  1. Race is real.
  2. Culture is a product of racial expression.
  3. Population replacement is an act of genocide.

What Is Genocide?

The official definition of genocide, based on the criteria of the United Nations, includes:

“any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.”

Such as:

  • Killing members of the group.
  • Causing bodily or psychological harm to members of the group.
  • Deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction, in whole or in part.
  • Imposing measures to prevent births within the group.
  • Forcibly transferring children of the group to another.

An important example of genocide throughout history includes Chinese rule over Tibet,
where the government-sponsored the migration of large numbers of Han Chinese into the Tibetan region. This resulted in the destruction of several unique elements of Tibetan culture, making it impossible for the Tibetan people to maintain their individuality and their way of life.


Nobody will argue that this particular example is not genocide, or decline the rights of the Tibetan people to maintain their self-determination. So why is it such an offensive act for Europeans and their descendants to demand their own space in the world? A space in which they can manifest their unique way of life and their shared fate as a people?

Why Does Race Matter?

It is necessary to acknowledge that the maintenance of a unique culture, within the confines of a nation, entirely depends on the majority rule of the people whose culture built the nation itself. A massive shift in demographics, whether it be through war, mass immigration, or through long-term birthrates; can only lead to the complete replacement and destruction of the previously existing people.


It’s true that there are many expressions of European identity, due to the vast regions that our people exist within. Different countries have their own languages, cuisines, rituals, and fashions, all of which have their own value in the Western world. But this does not overshadow the strong parallels that exist between Nordics, Celtics, Germanics, and Mediterranean people. In spite of our obvious differences, our ancestors shared similar morality, family values, spirituality, and communal organization. As such, the differences between us do not make it impossible for an individual of one European nation to assimilate to another’s way of life. Whereas a member of another race, with their own natural manifestation of culture, will find it not only impossible but undesirable, to give up their deeply rooted way of life in favor of an alien one.

Another detrimental consequence of shifting demographics applies to nations where the general population vote for their desired political policies. The most recent example of this can be seen in the results of the 2016 United States Presidential election.

  • 58% of whites in the US voted Republican / 37% voted Democrat.
  • 29% of Asians voted Republican / 65% voted Democrat.
  • 8% of Blacks voted Republican / 88% voted Democrat.
  • 29% of Hispanics voted Republican / 65% voted Democrat.
  • In the “other” category 37% voted Republican / 56% voted Democrat.

This shows that a majority of whites in the United States hold traditional conservative values, while the majority of members of other races do not. With the rapid decline in white births and the increasing birth rates among non-whites, it will only be another generation or two before whites in the United States are overwhelmingly outnumbered. They will no longer have the ability to shape the overall political framework of a country that was founded by their forebears.

The topic of race is uncomfortable for many people, due to the endless misconceptions and emotional fallacies that exist around the subject. But I am of the opinion that ignoring our differences in fear of being shamed or ridiculed only does more harm than good. Not only to my own race but to all races who wish to have power over their own destiny. I believe that acknowledging our differences and allowing each other the space to manifest our individual lifestyles, is far more empathic than forcing competition between us. As this competition only fans the fires of racial tension. It has nothing to do with hate, superiority, enslavement, or world domination. It is simply a fact that we, as a people, have a right to existence and independence.


Girl and A boy.jpeg

Feminism is a poisonous ideology to Western culture for multiple reasons.

First, it diminishes a woman’s pride in her own god given talents and drives her into direct competition with her male counterparts. She departs from the traditional feminine qualities that have been exalted by our ancestors and commits herself to proving that she can outdo men in their own element. Often these women will spend years of their lives pursuing a career without finding any deep fulfillment. Eventually discovering that their sexual market value has expired and they no longer have the opportunity to start a family. She has been manipulated and robbed of that priceless element of life.

Second, it creates division and mistrust between men and women where there was previously love and cooperation. Feminism itself is a hateful ideology that demonizes the role of men in society. Their ultimate bogeyman is the shadowy Patriarchy, which supposedly seeks to dominate and control the lives of women. Using them as nothing more than house slaves and sexual objects. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Traditional patriarchy is not a means of control, but an act of love. It requires men to sacrifice their time, their energy, and sometimes even their lives in service to women and children. Men acting on their base instincts would be plenty happy to receive sexual pleasure without giving anything in return. But patriarchy requires that men give up their absolute freedom for the benefit of their women, their children, and their greater community. It is a direct product of our traditional family values.

Finally, feminism sends women down a self-destructive path that they will inevitably regret. To understand the severity of this problem, all one has to do is look at the dominant role models of modern feminism. Their idea of empowerment includes child murder, substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, victim mentality, and no personal responsibility for health or hygiene. This is in direct contrast with the healthy and loving mother who provides civilization with its stabilizing life-force.

As Francis Parker Yockey put it “Feminism has liberated women from the natural dignity of their sex and turned them into inferior men.” Feminism is a direct attack on the nuclear family. Not only does it separate men from women, but it also separates children from their parents. With both parents in the workforce, children are raised and indoctrinated by the state education system, which is currently in the hands of devoted Marxists.

The Feminization Of Men.

Spartan Warrior

Feminism has also played a strong role in the feminization of the modern male, destroying the irreplaceable qualities of the traditional father figure. From the time they were young, modern men have been taught to feel guilt related to their masculine qualities and their normal expressions of sexuality. The ridiculous feminist slogan “toxic masculinity” certainly comes to mind, among their many attacks on traditional men.

With the diminishing social opinions on the sanctity of marriage and the consequences of single-parent homes, proper masculine role models are becoming a rarity. Often young males, with no one to guide them, become isolated in forms of escapism, such as video games. Here they can simulate the heroic qualities of traditional men, without having to achieve greatness themselves. Generation by generation, these men are becoming ever more feminine, in both appearance and mentality. In turn, they also lose the ability to attract female partners, driving our women into the hands of other cultures who have maintained their traditional masculine roles.

Just as video games have provided a simulated outlet for the masculine drive, pornography has become a dangerous crutch for the feminized male. At the click of a button, his brain is overloaded with endorphins and simulated sexual abundance. This perverts his perception of sexual intercourse while teaching him to abuse and objectify women. Pornography also completely destroys his drive to pursue or qualify for a relationship with a healthy female in the real world.

There are multiple other side effects connected with the constant use of pornography. The powerful chemicals that are released into your brain can become severely addictive and require an individual to search out increasingly more disturbing images. It also has long-term physical side effects that destroy testosterone production and increases the risk of erectile dysfunction.


Males develop their bond and commitment to the family when they are young and spend a significant amount of time with their mother. As they get older it is necessary for them to spend more time with their father and their peers. The rite of passage from boyhood into manhood is a dominant factor in any successful masculine culture. It is the only way they will learn what is expected of them and what they are capable of. A man grows by experiencing hardship and overcoming challenges. Both on the individual level and through social competition with his tribal brothers.

A man who can not be a man among men is no man at all.

Hollywood‘s Powerful Influence.

Hollywood Sign

Hollywood is the largest and most powerful propaganda machine the world has ever seen. Their movies and television programming have been used to shape the worldview of generations of our people. As well as serving to degrade their minds and degenerate their morality. Hollywood culture has taken over true Western culture and has replaced it with an all-encompassing shadow of itself.

Previously we have discussed how the glorification of modern celebrity has provided our young with self-destructive role models. But we must also note the subtle messages within their products that promote Cultural Marxism, a wide range of sexual perversions, the destruction of the family, the demonization of our culture, and the glorification of violence.

On top of their popular blockbusters, these Hollywood moguls also own the news media, the music industry, and the porn industry. The same people who are creating the shows your children enjoy are also responsible for the horrendous filth you can find everywhere on the internet. As well as the many pop idol’s whose lyrics and performances give praise to substance abuse and loose sexual morality.

Recent circumstances are shedding light on the true nature of Hollywood, as their role in nurturing and protecting sexual predators comes to the surface. Is this the end of their power? Or will we allow them to use individual scapegoats in order to weasel their way out of their collective crimes?


Along with Hollywood’s poisonous propaganda machine comes the rise in rampant individualism or “special snowflake syndrome.” A population that has lost its communal values degenerates quickly, seeking only to fulfill their superficial and egoic desires.

The worship of celebrity culture has torn down the social value of our tradition and replaced it with a celebration of degeneracy itself. Every individual seeks to uplift their own reputation, not through honorable or heroic actions, but through the emulation of their Hollywood idols. This destructive worldview creates an environment where every individual seeks out a personal gain, often at the expense of their own health, or their friends and family.

Here are some of the values being pressed upon our youth:

  • Worship of victimhood.
  • Virtue signaling.
  • Excessive fashion or body modification.
  • Destructive rebellion, party lifestyles, and substance abuse.
  • Sexual promiscuity and irresponsibility.
  • Nurturing homosexuality, gender confusion, and mental illness.
  • Materialism and wasteful consumerism.
  • Self-hatred and Anti-Europeanism.

On any campus of “higher education,” you can find these values ruling the social order of the students. Each of them trying to outdo the other in order to obtain social approval from their peers. I’ve personally witnessed women consume so much alcohol that they had to be immediately hospitalized. Their response afterward was not one of shame or regret, but instead, they wore it as a badge of honor.

Is this the future we wish for our children? From this worldview, any kind of evolutionary or cultural achievements remains impossible. It is another powerful weapon used to destroy the nuclear family, which serves to destabilize our greater community.

The Death Of Education.

Writing Glasses.jpeg

Over the last century, our education system has been taken over by Marxist infiltrators and used as a tool against our interests. Two overwhelming factors of modern education must be addressed in order to alter our methods and improve the upbringing of our young.

  1. The Dumbing Down Of Curriculum.
  2. The Indoctrination Of The Marxist Worldview.

A close examination of textbooks from the early 1900’s shows that their intellectual demand on children was significantly advanced to modern times. They were more capable in the areas of language, mathematics, history, science, culture, and critical reasoning. This degeneration of education is not limited to the elementary level alone but has extended itself into higher education as well. If today’s college level graduate applied to the same program one hundred years ago, they wouldn’t have met the requirements for enrollment, let alone have been capable of completing the criteria for graduation.

The entire purpose of education should be to address an individual’s unique capabilities and to raise them to their maximum potential. As well as to provide them with the basic skills that allow them to be emotionally intelligent and capable of critical analysis. Instead, what we are seeing is a program that reduces individuals to the same standardized ability, without even coming close to utilizing their cognitive capacity. Education has become so absurd that many classrooms teach in a manner that favors a positive emotional response, rather than academic accuracy.

In order to understand just how far we have fallen, we only need to examine the educational achievements of our ancestors. For example, the education provided to young Spartan boys allowed them to become capable warriors and hunters by the time they reached their teens. This alone proves that under the right circumstances children have a range of potential that must be taken full advantage of. It is our duty to provide them with the most complete preparation for life that our ability allows. Anything less than that is dishonorable, and when it is done on purpose, should be considered abuse.

“The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions or taboos.” ~ H.L. Mencken


To make matters worse, Cultural Marxism has become the dominant ideology of educators and they are passing this mental illness onto your sons and daughters. This goes well beyond pushing feminism, attacking masculinity, and instilling white guilt. A fine example can be seen in this recently approved curriculum for elementary school students in Washington state.

  • Kindergarten students will now learn that gender is not a biological truth, but merely a matter of expression. This includes teaching them about cross-dressing and more than likely other homosexual behaviors.
  • In third grade the concept of gender identity will be taught to them, leading them to believe that gender itself can be chosen by the individual.
  • By fourth grade, they will be expected to define and understand sexuality. Including heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality.
  • And in fifth grade, they will be taught that their roles as men and women are social constructs and that it is unimportant to fulfill those roles.

The normalization of this mental illness not only confuses the roles of developing children but also encourages social rewards for adopting an unnatural lifestyle. As we have seen in certain areas of Europe and even in the United States, these ideas are also the slippery slope that leads to the normalization of pedophilia. In countries like France, we have witnessed not only an unwillingness to persecute child rapists, but also the legal age of consent being dropped to thirteen. Here in the United States, many cases of propaganda defending the rights of pedophiles have begun to surface.

Cultural Marxism is another obvious attack on the nuclear family and Western traditionalism. It preaches absurdity and backs it up not with reason, but with social ridicule and ostracism. In order to defeat this disease, it will be necessary for us to take the power of education back into our own hands. This is a topic I will be covering more in the future, as education is the main focus of The Wolven Instinct. I will also provide you with a criterion for early education that is based entirely on the values of our great Western culture.

The Oath Of The Wolf.


All of these weapons are clearly harmful to the nurturing of the nuclear family. They seep into the minds of young men and women like a virus, destroying them internally, and taking from them the glorious future that was intended for them.

In light of all the information I have provided you with, I hope that this website serves as your call to action, as well as a useful reference to aid in your own developmental journey. If we are to save our civilization, our culture, our people, and secure a future for our children; then that goal starts within ourselves. We cannot give to them what we have not rightfully earned. So we must set out on this quest together and prepare ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually, and intellectually.

We must go in search of the lessons of the past and deconstruct the minds of our forbearers. We must take back the valuable birthrights that have been sabotaged and stolen right from under our noses. We must renew our self-determination, our collective pride, and the power over our mutual destiny. That is the only gateway to our victory.

Reviving our identity will strengthen us as individuals and lead us to people who desire to share our fate. That will be our legacy and our children’s inheritance: our culture, our community, and our wolven instinct. We will hand them the keys to a wealth of ancient knowledge that will open doorways to greater achievements. They will not know the emptiness that we have known, nor will they be deceived as we have been deceived.

To know what we know and not take responsibility for it can only dishonor our names and pass the burden on to our descendants. Can you in good conscience allow that to happen? Or will you rise to this challenge and join the ranks of our greatest heroes?

The oath of the wolf comes down to these phrases:

  • I will never stop evolving.
  • I will search out wisdom and guide others to it. 
  • I will not fear difficulty.
  • I will maintain my body and mind.
  • I will speak only truth.
  • I will uphold virtue and remove myself from dishonor. 
  • I will bring wrath upon the wicked.
  • By mind or by the sword, I will triumph.

Choose your path and swear this oath with your blood and with your honor.

Roman Eagle Long

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