The Quest For Strength


Strength is the defining quality of men, and through strength, obtaining the other virtues of the wolf are made possible. As men, we are evolved to use our strength as a means of imposing our will upon a brutal reality. It allows us to shape it in our image, so that our tribe can prosper under the protection and ingenuity we provide.

Greater physical strength is also what sets us apart from our female counterparts. It is intertwined with our masculinity itself, and without strength, masculinity transforms into a meeker entity. The foolish celebration of weakness imposed upon modern civilization has been a significant attack on masculine culture. As men lose themselves to weakness and emotional instability, civilization itself is turned on its head and begins to decay.

Our strength is not only a matter of muscle itself but also present in the demonstration of our will. It is a product of our determination against unyielding resistance. Without that resistance, we risk becoming docile, adolescent, impotent, and self-destructive. We lose our sense of direction and purpose, leaving us vulnerable to the influence of stronger men, whose interests may be harmful to our own. We also diminish in self-respect and self-control, allowing parasitic women to manipulate men who are in a state of desperation.

It is absolutely necessary that we pursue the development of our minds and bodies with a purpose. We must go in search of greater forms of resistance, that demand strength from us, and mold us into the beasts we were meant to become. This pathway is paved with pain and suffering, meant to strip away weakness from a world that demands strength.

A Warrior’s Fitness.

Developing our physical strength has a number of benefits to our health and quality of life. As we age, our ability to produce testosterone, the hormone that makes us men, begins to drop. As this occurs we lose muscle mass, experience weakness, a loss of stamina, and a waning sex drive. This loss in testosterone also makes us fat, emotional, and is the main cause of erectile dysfunction. Aging itself cannot be resisted, but through the implementation of a dedicated lifestyle, we can reduce the speed of our deterioration.

The sedentary lifestyle and nutritionally deficient diets of modern men have caused a rapidly growing epidemic of low testosterone. Not only in older men but among teens as well. This dramatic shift in masculinity has created a generation of confused, unfulfilled, and incapable men. Going forward it will be necessary to provide them with an education that encourages physical growth, as well as providing them with the knowledge that allows them to obtain adequate nutrition.

This area of information has been overwhelmingly ignored by institutions of early education. Making it difficult for young men to properly encourage the growth of their physical and mental ability when it matters the most. On top of that, corruption within the fitness industry has flooded the world with a sea of misinformation, discouraging people who are desperate to learn. Giving that knowledge to our children will give them direct control over their potential growth, as well as their ability to become effective men and women.

In the future I will be covering in-depth information on proper nutrition, calculating your individual needs, and recommending strategies for beginner level workouts.


The Sub-Virtues Of Strength.

Industriousness: Our diligence and commitment to hard work, through which our self-respect is earned. Strength is a product of hard work and without this virtue, you will fail to ever see your limits.

Perseverance: Our ability to see something through to the end. In spite of fear, resistance, discouragement, or suffering. Remember the virtue of commitment? Choose the path of the wolf and swear that oath to yourself.

Endurance: While many use perseverance and endurance interchangeably, endurance is specifically the unit in which the strength of our perseverance is measured. For example, a long distance runner will use his perseverance to see that he makes it to the finish line. But over time, the distance in which he is able to run with ease is increased. Meaning that the energetic cost of his perseverance is significantly reduced.

Self Reliance: The act of being self-reliant means to consume nothing which you haven’t earned, and to be no one’s burden but your own. This does not mean that having the support of your tribe is a weakness. Only that you have done everything in your power to be an adequate contributor, as opposed to a dependent. A group of self-reliant men is stronger than a group of dependent men.

Strength Vs. Weakness.

In order to more accurately explore the contrast between strength and weakness, we must look further into what sets them apart. Weakness is not limited to a lack of muscular ability alone. There are many examples of men whose physical strength are deteriorating beyond their control, but in spite of their condition, display the virtue of strength in the way they respond to the resistance in front of them. A fully functioning male who refuses to take action in pursuing strength, yet is unhappy with his circumstances, is undoubtedly weak of character. While the man with no legs who hits the gym on a regular basis, is not only physically superior, but also more mentally disciplined.

Strength shows itself in the decisions you make and the thought patterns you accept as your truth. It is present in the man who knows the odds are against him, yet he still moves forward with courage and determination. Weakness shows its face in those who have not nurtured the sub-virtues required for strength. It harbors characteristics of its own and we must look to see if we are allowing them to plant the seed of weakness within us.

Weakness: Weakness, as I define it,  is not a relative measure of strength between two men. But an individual’s unwillingness to develop the maximum potential of their personal power. Mentally, physically, and characteristically. 

Cowardice:  An ignoble response, where fear and self-concern deter you from doing what is right or expected of you.

Defeatism: The acceptance of defeat without struggle, expecting to lose, or giving up before you even begin. Under mastery, we discussed how a man who quits too soon will never be rewarded. It is a form of cowardice and dishonor. Nothing of true value will ever be handed to you. Valuable accomplishment always requires a rite of passage. It will test you in the hottest of fires, to see if you melt or harden over time. 

Covetous: A great desire to possess something which belongs to someone else. Often something that you haven’t earned or are unwilling to work for. You are not entitled to anything in this world. The wolf does not get fed before the hunt.

Sloth: The reluctance to do the work required to obtain a certain reward. It is a poison in which all masculine virtues are destroyed. Laziness itself is the choice for comfort over accomplishment. The only end result you can expect from a comfortable life is mediocrity and regret.

Who Will You Become?

You must understand that if you do not nurture your strength, then you will always be weak. When life places challenges in front of you, whether they are friendly or an act of war, you will be unable to compete unless you are prepared. Heroic men do not drop from the sky, but are forged in the fires. Their heroism is not random but a choice they have made for themselves.

What will you choose? Strength or weakness?

Roman Eagle Long