Men Of Compassion And Brutality


Compassion in its masculine essence is often ignored by common stereotypes, but it plays a massive role in our overall purpose as men. Whether it is the kind of compassion we show for ourselves; which drives our desire to nurture the development of our minds, the maintenance of our bodies, and set boundaries with our resources. Or rather the compassion we show to our family and our community through personal sacrifice.

Leaders of men always sacrifice a part of themselves for those that depend on them to take command. The well being of a people is a heavy burden to carry and often takes a toll on those who carry it. It requires you to be selfless and to make decisions that benefit everyone, no matter how difficult those decisions are.

What do you do when the lives of several women and children are counting on you for safety and survival? For any compassionate man, the only answer to that questions is “anything I have to.” They need strength, inspiration, and guidance. It doesn’t matter if you’re tired, or that you’ve given so much of yourself that you’re scraping the bottom of your soul for one more ounce of determination. You are what makes civilization possible, as well as creating a space for women to make civilization livable.

The Duality Of Compassion

Even though compassion is often depicted as a soft virtue, it has a dual nature that is famously misunderstood. At its very core, it is a product of our strength and depends on our ability to do what is necessary, instead of what is comfortable. Brutality is in direct connection with compassion and, in many ways, they are two sides of the same coin. The same man that saves an animal’s life will slaughter another to spare his family from hunger. We must be prepared for when honor calls upon us to be utilitarian or unpleasant, for it is our duty to take on those unpleasant tasks so that others won’t have to.

When men are shipped off to war, it is not a thirst for blood that summons them there. Only their duty and compassion for those they leave behind. Our compassion drives us to summon the fury within our souls that is responsible for a safe and thriving future. It is a legion within us marching forward, to carve its will in stone from the strength of our iron and blood. History shows us clearly that if we are unwilling to embrace the sword, someone else will, and use it against us. Peace for the pacifist is an illusion provided to him by violent men. Only through the threat of brutality can we ensure the maintenance of order. This part of our compassion is the shield that stands between terror and beauty. It is what puts rapists, pedophiles, and traitors in their place among the dead. The teeth of the wolf are unforgiving when they strike, but they always strike out of love for the pack.

A Man’s Duty To His Tribe.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, we find the gentle and light-hearted nature of the wolf. From his confident strength and inner certainty lies the source of his tender love. The fighter in his soul shares a space with his natural paternal instincts. He is a father, not only literally to his children, but also metaphorically to his friends, his land, and his tribe. He has developed himself out of the desire to require less for himself and to be capable of giving more to others. Making the value of his love and the power of his legacy irreplaceable. But this love is not an infinite resource that can be made available to anybody. The wolf must be very clear in identifying the members of his pack, so that he may dedicate the totality of his energy to them.

As humans, our energy stores are limited and need to be replenished on a regular basis. When we freely give our energy to anyone that comes along, we deplete those stores and take important resources away from the people who need them the most. Often wasting our gifts on those who do not deserve them. But when we dedicate our efforts to our families and our nation, the love and appreciation we receive from them in return act as a powerful force of regeneration.

The philosophy of universalism has put the weight of the entire world on the shoulders of every individual. As a result, communities are divided and their strength significantly diminished. Only through prioritization can a cohesive community achieve a higher quality of life. And only through this prioritization can a group of any people reach a level of such abundance, that they will be capable of lending aid to foreign allies. As such, greater peace in the world is not nurtured by careless or forced inclusion, but through the focus of each tribe on their own development, within the confines of their respected geographic locations.

Every community of every culture has the same requirements for the continuance of their existence and the maintenance of their survival. But every culture does not manifest these requirements in the same way, making it impossible for two incompatible cultures to share a space without competitive conflict.

These requirements include:

  • Personal space, in which they can manifest their unique culture and a shared fate.
  • A shared spirituality that reflects the values of their unique way of life. 
  • Necessary resources, such as food and water.  
  • Safety from the elements. 
  • Education that raises children based on their cultural requirements and moral standards. 
  • The nurturing element of their women. 
  • Men who will protect them from harm. 
  • A love of their heritage that inspire its continuation and evolutionary expansion. 

As men, it is our duty to our people to ensure that these requirements are met, by any means necessary. To fail in these areas would bring about our absolute end. Where do you stand in the fulfillment of your duty? Are you meeting the demands that have been placed on men since the dawn of time? Or have you allowed the modern world to break your spine and rob you of your manhood? A man can be brutal without being compassionate. But a compassionate man has no such benefit of abstaining from brutality.

Roman Eagle Long

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