The New Order Of Education.


Early education is what prepares our children for the harsh reality of adult life. What we give to them in their formative years will influence their morality, their effective ability, their emotional intelligence, and their physical or mental well being. In turn, the development of every individual directly influences the quality and future of civilization itself. Making it the most imperative aspect of its construction and maintenance.

In my previous post “What Is The Wolven Instinct,” I briefly discussed how public education has not only been sabotaged intellectually, but also used as a tool against our greater interests as a people. In this post, I will provide a brief outline of what early education should entail, in order to give our children, and their children, the future they deserve. It is this outline that will alter their fate, nurture their greatness, and provide them with all of the tools they need to be successful survivors and contributors to society.

The New Requirements Of Education.

  1. The goal of the education system must be committed to developing the individual to his or her maximum potential. This means that education itself must not be decreased in difficulty in order to meet the needs of the lowest common denominator. But instead, must provide a challenging environment that will push each individual beyond their current capabilities and adequately address their full range of possibilities.
  2. Education must nurture an understanding of history and an appreciation for culture, tradition, and communal identity. As well as a sense of responsibility to preserve and enhance the civilization they have inherited. Without this initiation into a greater community, and an introduction to the roots of their identity; a child will fall prey to the cult of individualism. Failure in this area of education removes from the community the very glue that ties it all together. It steals from an individual their greater sense of purpose and sends them spiraling down a self destructive path of confusion.
  3. Schools must nurture the practical knowledge and skills each student will need, in order to take a self supporting and productive place in society. Including emotional intelligence, healthy psychology, critical thinking, physical fitness, creativity, financial competence, and self sustainability. They must have a firm grasp of our culture’s morality, how to properly nurture their minds and bodies, as well as the necessary skills that make those accomplishments possible. This includes a sufficient knowledge in agriculture, an appreciation for nature, and the ability to use their environment effectively.
  4. Schools must recognize that students differ vastly in their interests and aptitudes. These must be taken into account and provide separate curriculum that will nurture them as individuals. As opposed to attempting to fit everyone into the same academic mold and limiting the overall success rate of education. We must examine each student carefully and notice what their natural talents are. We must instill within them a pride in their talents and a passion to utilize those talents for the greater good. Desire itself comes natural within the human mind, but passion is a feeling that can be learned and nurtured by the environment. How many children have a passion for music or other entertainment related careers without possessing the necessary skills to excel in those areas? The worship of the Hollywood celebrity has skewed the values of the individual and fed only the value of ego gratification. We must guide them back to areas of development that hold greater value to them and to society. We must instill a passion to build upon their skills and to take pride in what they can contribute.
  5. Schools must take notice of the fundamental differences between men and women. They must recognize that their roles in society are complimentary, rather than identical, and provide a necessary service from which the creation of civilization is made possible. Young boys must be instilled with a passion that drives them to become good fathers, leaders, and warriors. While young women must be taught the high value of their feminine gifts. Without this balance of duty between us, we become weaker as a culture and community.
  6. Schools must aim at the development of character in their students. The building of willpower, self- discipline, and a sense of self worth. They must test, challenge, and condition the child to endure discomfort and hardship without complaint or self pity. To make plans and carry them out, in spite of the need to overcome obstacles. To overcome fears, accept personal responsibility, and not make excuses for failure. To be truthful and develop the traditional character traits valued by our culture.
  7. The school must train the bodies of young people, as well as their minds. They must build boys and girls into strong, capable, and self-confident young men and women. Men and women who are worthy of becoming the mothers and fathers of the next generation.
  8. Creativity, hard work, and efficiency should produce their own rewards. Sloth, ineptitude, and failure should not be rewarded at all. Handing out participation trophies does not teach our children how to cope with failure and overcome those obstacles in the future. It weakens their mental strength, destroys their confidence, and allows them to give up too easily. Our ancestors battled monumental obstacles in order to create some of the greatest empires that ever existed. To deny our children this pathway to strength and wisdom is not only a great disservice to them, but to the future as well.

From these guidelines we must renew our system of education and provide young students with the highest quality of service we are capable of. It is our duty to ensure that they are prepared to become the inheritors of civilization and also have the capabilities which contribute to its upward evolution. Providing education itself is not only our duty, but one of the greatest acts of love.

Roman Eagle Long

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