Consciousness, Ego, And Emotional Intelligence.


Before you can take control of your life you must first take control of your mind. The process of self-awareness is the stripping away of illusion, which reveals your absolute truth. You must burn yourself to the very core and examine every dark corner you can find. No matter how much pain it causes or how much disgust arises from what you discover. Face it for what it is and send it to a necessary fate. Then, when you are left with nothing but the strongest bricks in the rubble, rebuild the fortress of your mind with those as the foundation. This is not a process you will ever finish, as there will always be a higher level of excellence. The journey of the wolf is a constant evaluation of his truth and the fortress of his mind must be properly maintained to withstand the punishment it will inevitably endure.

Consciousness Vs. Ego.

Power over the mind begins with the separation of your consciousness and your ego. You must accept that your thought patterns and the awareness of those thought patterns are two separate entities. Picture the ego as someone whispering ideas into your ear and your consciousness as what receives the message. The ego is our attachment to who we believe ourselves to be. It is the source of our undeserved pride and the voice of doubt that stifles us with fear. To be unaware of its influence, or to refuse to practice discipline over it, is to allow it to be your master.

It will impose emotions on you that do not serve your best interest and hinder your ability to make accurate decisions. Being easily thrown into an emotional state removes all clarity and logic from the mind. A man who lacks control in this area can be easily lead by his enemies or mistakenly pursue a strategy that is more harmful than useful.

It is the ego that makes you question your self-worth or that attaches the maintenance of your happiness to conditional circumstances. It makes you vulnerable to inaccurate criticisms and allows others to shape and alter the idea of your identity. The ego lashes out to defend itself when it is attacked or dives into self-pity when it doesn’t meet the standards it identifies with. It reacts to inconsequential threats to its self-perception in the same way it would react to a legitimate threat to your life – fight or flight.

The way of the wolf is to be the calm within the storm and inexorable in your purpose. You must embrace the truth that your own happiness is a choice. Do not fall into the trap that only changes in your circumstances, material possessions, or adequate lovers, can make you happy. There are many people who achieve all their goals, possess more than they could ever need, and are surrounded by sexual abundance; but they are some of the most miserable people on the planet. They will continue to consume like a parasite in order to fill the hole in their lives where their happiness should be.


The Ego’s Lies.

The ego also has the power to influence feelings of apathy or try to soften the fury of our spirit. Here is another choice that will reflect our strength of will. The wolf on the hunt does not make excuses for himself. He does not give into the voice that encourages laziness or distractions from his purpose. When his mind tries to deter his focus or tries to convince him to put off his responsibilities until tomorrow, he responds with vicious fire and determination. The wolf knows that his prey will not wait for him to be ready, and neither will his honor when it comes to serving those who need him.

Another type of lie the ego tells is the kind that distracts you from overcoming your weaknesses. This is detrimental, as it keeps you from acknowledging the parts of yourself that are holding you back from realizing the totality of your power. The ego itself is too smug to admit its faults and will try to protect you from them. But the only way to turn a weakness into a strength is to first admit that it exists and then take the necessary steps to earn mastery in that skill. You will not always be the biggest, the strongest, or the most intelligent. But there will always be a way to achieve more than what you are if you are open to it and ready to do the work.

Sometimes the ego will offer us hints of the truth but we must not allow ourselves to become too complacent with its influence. It is imperative that we train ourselves to combat the lies and replace them with a truth of our own. The best way to begin the battle with the ego is to overpower the flow of thought itself. Cease it with the might of your will and become entirely present to the moment. This can be done with the practice of daily meditation, which I will discuss more thoroughly in another post. Once you have gained the ability to quiet your mind, only then will you be able to explore it unaffected.


Superior Emotional Intelligence.

Our thoughts are often loud and relentless within our mind. They can overwhelm us with information and cloud our connection with reality. In the age of information, we have become so overstimulated that we struggle with our own silence. Some individuals are so afraid of what exploring their own minds will reveal to them, that they choose to constantly look away. Pouring their thoughts and emotions into some self-righteous endeavor that, more than likely, has no direct relation to them or their lives. They direct their thoughts and their feelings outward into nothingness, instead of using their power to help themselves, or their people.

In order to direct our emotions in a way that is useful to us, we must first understand what they are. The manifestation of an emotion is your body’s reaction to accepting an idea as truth, whether or not that process is conscious or subconscious. When an emotion arises within you there must be a moment of reflection before responding to it. Dive deep into the thoughts that gave birth to this emotion and explore their accuracy. Feelings are often merely a signal within us that lead to an idea that needs to be further examined. If we respond without understanding the source of our emotions, then it is likely we will only do ourselves harm.

Our society has not only denied us a sufficient emotional education but has deteriorated the will of the wolf into a reactionary sheep-like status. As a result, there are many among us who easily bleed from sharp words alone. They are degraded into self-inflicted victims, projecting their oppression onto bogeymen who don’t exist. All while the true villains hide in plain sight. A prey-like mentality will cause predators to sniff you out and hunt you down.

Will you be the victim of a weak and untrained mind? Or will you adopt the nature of the wolf and become the warrior you were meant to be?

Roman Eagle Long




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