The Power Of Thought


Our thoughts are often too easily accepted as truth and most people will fail to see the power of controlling thought itself. But this power can directly influence the outcomes you produce and the feelings you experience. It should be a skill you work on daily to master.

How Does This Power Work?

The power of thought works as a signal from the conscious mind, to the unconscious mind, which directs our actions and influences our achievements. Through emotional intelligence, we have learned to control our thoughts with a purpose, instead of being lead blindly by erratic emotion. This is the source of the wolf’s strength. His physical magnificence is the manifestation of his mind. In turn, the duality of this power can create limitless growth in both the interior and exterior. Each aiding the other to achieve the next level of divine mastery.

It is important that you understand the process of evaluating thoughts and replacing them with more useful thought patterns. This process is no different than working a muscle in the gym. Over time, you create a strong neurological connecting with these muscles, allowing you to more accurately activate them for proper function and form. Just like your physical muscles, the more effort you put into altering your subconscious thought patterns, the more your natural patterns will take on a more useful and evolutionary role.

Here is a physical map that you must be aware of when monitoring and replacing thought patterns.


Consciousness is the awareness of thought, but not thought itself. You must alter your perception of your internal identity and realize that thoughts are not always accurate depictions of reality. As such, thought can be harmful to personally identify with, without further examination of the thought’s accuracy or usefulness.

Thought Stream: 

There are two types of thoughts: Conscious and Subconscious thoughts.

Conscious thoughts are an active form of thinking and subconscious thoughts are passive thoughts. Passive thoughts are the ones that might slip by your awareness and influence you without realization. Passive thoughts are the ones you must teach yourself to become aware of, so that you can program them to suit your desired outcomes.

The process of increasing your awareness of these passive thoughts involves daily practice of meditation. Through meditation, you will increase your power over all forms of thought and the ability to quiet the mind on command, even in chaotic situations. Meditation will heighten your awareness of subconscious thoughts in everyday situations, allow you to separate yourself from these thoughts, and to actively direct them as you see fit.

This is not something that happens over night and will take continuous practice to master. But I promise that if you commit yourself to this practice, then you will begin to notice benefits within the course of a few weeks. In my next article, I will give you step by step instructions on beginner level meditation, as well as some added information on its benefits.

The Thought Filter: 

The thought filter is your process of passing the thoughts you think through a conscious examination and deciding if these thoughts reflect the truth, are useful to your goals, or if they need to be altered. This step is a learned skill, based on what we discussed previously. Most people skip this step entirely, allow their thoughts to dominate their lives, and often suffer extreme consequences as a result.

Acceptance Of Thought: 

This is where a thought is accepted as truthful and you begin to identify with it on a personal level. When this happens, the thought’s power to manifest in reality begins to take place. This manifestation can influence the emotions you feel at any given moment, which will then influence your ability to rationalize and strategize. But the power of manifestation does not stop there. The thoughts you think can have even more detrimental consequences when it comes to creating desirable outcomes.

Manifesting The Power Of Mind

The words we speak and the thoughts we think have the power to manifest in the physical realm. Just as our thoughts can determine our ability to successfully conquer psychological pain, they can aid us in enduring physical pain as well. When a man steps up to the barbell and prepares himself to move mountains with his might; his attitude will determine his ability to do so successfully. Visualizing ourselves defeating a challenge will assist in removing hesitation from our actions and push us further towards our limits. Physical pain is only resistance, and as we have learned before, this is where the wolf finds his power. Power over the mind will equally result in power over the body and neurological stimulation.

The law of vibration states that anything in our universe, visible or not, broken down into its most basic form, consists of pure energy or light, which resonates and exists as a vibratory frequency or pattern. Matter is not the only thing which possesses its own vibrational frequency, our thoughts and feelings are also subject to this law. Which means that the thoughts, feelings, and actions we choose also have their own frequency, or rate of vibration.

All of these vibrations resonate with identical frequencies and are inseparable from the rest of the existing universe. As you choose useful thoughts, feelings or actions; it will attract results of a similar frequency, and you will also be in vibrational harmony with people whose thoughts or lifestyles match your own.


Examining Your Mental Real Estate.

Our time is limited in this world. Each second gone is a second we will never get back, and one more second closer to the end of our lives. Which is why the quality of our thoughts on a minute by minute basis is so important. The time we waste on thoughts that do not serve us or get us closer to our purpose, is a moment of life we have thrown in the garbage. How you fill your mental real estate on a daily basis will directly impact the quality and the speed of your development.

Mental Real Estate is the time we have on a daily basis to use our conscious thinking to out advantage, it is divided between time and focus.

Time: How many hours your mind is able to be consciously directed.

Focus: What you spend those hours thinking about.

How many hours a day do you spend mindlessly surfing the internet, watching television, or chronically worrying without taking action?

How many hours do you spend reading books, or taking care of your mind and body?

How many hours are dedicated to building the life that you want, instead of resisting the life that you have?

How do you feel about your answers? Are you satisfied or disappointed in how your limited time on this Earth is being used? These are the questions we must consistently be aware of, so that we may direct ourselves towards our purpose on a daily basis.

Benefits Of Emotional Leverage.

Our subconscious knows our true desires and if we stray from the disciplined path required to obtain them, it will happily give us painful reminders in the form of emotional leverage.

Emotional leverage is simply when staying where we are is more painful than doing what is necessary to achieve our goals.

Often this pain is also the result of our resistance to the truth. It is the sting we feel when our current reality cannot be changed, yet our minds refuse to accept that it cannot be changed. It is a senseless and unnecessary attachment. We must all learn to let go. Acceptance of your struggle will make it easier to endure and allow your mind to clearly examine solutions for it. Resistance will only cause the painful experience to multiply within you and create new layers of suffering or fear.

Resistance is also a byproduct of entitlement, the idea that life must always be fair, or that no one should ever have to suffer. But this is a dangerous lie. The law of nature is a strict and brutal law. We must acknowledge the boundaries it has set for us and intelligently work within them.

The wolf does not spend time feeling sorry for himself. It is crucial to his survival and the survival of his pack that he endures his suffering with strength, learns from it, and fights back against the brutal environment that surrounds him. Through his suffering he will gain power and wisdom. Then, when he is forced to face a familiar pain, he will be well prepared to defeat it.

Will you develop the power of your mind?

Or will you allow it to continue to rule over you?

These are the questions that will separate the wolves from rabbits. 

Roman Eagle Long

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