10 Aspects Of Natural Masculinity.


There are two types of masculinity in the modern world and they are not created equal.

Natural Masculinity: Natural masculinity is representative of our manifestation within nature. It is influenced by the culture, the philosophies, the mentalities, and spiritual practices that were born out of our struggle to survive, within our unique geographical location.

Artificial Masculinity: Artificial masculinity is a product of external influence and an illegitimate programming encouraged by the inferior culture and philosophies of egalitarianism and materialistic consumerism. It places value on valueless and self-destructive ideals.

In order to understand natural masculinity, as opposed to artificial masculinity, it is necessary that we explore the elements that have caused it to manifest, maintain itself, and progress its strength. What is it that has altered men from warriors capable of carving their will into the world and turned them into pushovers so easily willing to give it all away? When a man is faced with a threat to his will, his life, his family, or his homeland; he should stand boldly in the face of his enemies, ready to unleash his most brutal nature upon them.

In its most simplified form, masculinity was born out of struggle and the will to live. When faced with the harsh bite of nature’s teeth early man was forced to either bite back or die. He had to defend himself, his woman, and his children against the elements, hungry predators, and other men. His philosophy was formed by the experiences of his forebears and his own personal observations. It was not watered down by egalitarian pipe dreams or by the superstitious dogmas used by rulers to weaken his resolve. Strength was important. Ability was important. And mentality was important.

In modern times, what men are has been replaced by what some people believe men should be. They want men to be something that is easier for them to accept, to control, and more pleasant for them to look upon. Instead of the natural and effective beast that he truly is, they believe he should be more in touch with his emotions and wrapped neatly in a well-mannered package. As if either of these elements accurately reflects on his ability to fulfill his duties to his people.

They prefer men who bicker like women about trivial matters while the world around them decays back into degenerated chaos and decadence. They want men without a spine who cannot stand up for themselves, who cannot challenge those who conflict with his beliefs, and who constantly seek approval from outsiders. They want you to roll over like a dog, hoping to be rewarded with a bone and to accept whatever order your masters command. Even if it brings about your own destruction.

A man is only as good as his philosophy, his spiritual connection to that philosophy, and his ability to manifest that philosophy into an effective reality. My personal philosophies have been influenced by the study of my ancestors, by my own life experiences, and by the man who raised me. I believe that if we have had good fathers, and if we are growth-focused individuals; we all become more extreme versions of them. That is upward evolution. But if we place our worth in areas that do not challenge us or force us to become more than what we started out to be, we will be lost to ourselves and to our ultimate purpose.

We are not what we own. We are not the clothes that we wear. We are not defined by fame or popularity. We can only be weighed by our mentality, our deeds, and what we leave behind in this world.

The following list is a collection of statements that I believe to be a reflection of natural masculinity. They are something that each of us can remember and strive to become. Do not think that I expect every man in every portion of his life to live up to these statements. But as long as you can see their value and work towards your own self-improvement, then that is an endeavor worthy of praise and support.

1) A man should not be afraid to climb the mountain.

I mean that both literally and figuratively. No matter how brutal a challenge stands in a man’s way, he should accept reality as it is and face that challenge with confidence and determination. His mind can overpower fear, withstand pain, and has both the focus and the patience to outlast it.

2) A man does not beg for safety, he creates it for himself and others.

Men are not born warriors, but they possess the potential to become one. Part of our natural duty is the defense of our women, our children, our elders, and our homelands. Since we are no longer born into a warrior culture, it will be necessary for you to seek out the proper training for both the body and mind and to dedicate your lives to their mastery. Your life, your nations, or your loved ones might depend on it. Do not bow before your enemies, but strike fear into their hearts.

3) A man does not willingly allow himself to decay, but constantly takes action to preserve his virility.

Aging might cause a natural decay in our minds and bodies, but there are remedies that allow us some control over just how much we allow that decay to overcome us. Staying physically active, continuing to challenge our minds, and always having a purpose will contribute to a higher quality of life as time passes. It will be the difference between becoming crippled and losing our minds, or standing on our feet and continuing to conquer until the reaper comes for us all.

Staying in shape is part of your duty as a warrior, as a provider, and as a protector. A weak, feeble, and lazy man is useless to his tribe.

4) A man is not easily pushed over. He responds to challenges and threats with courage, whether that requires him to be verbal, physical, or deadly.

A man should have a strong backbone and not be the one who so easily gives up. He should hold strong principles, opinions, and spiritual practices. None of these should be compromised by his enemies and should only be altered when presented with evidence of a stronger way of being.

The willingness to die for something shows the true extent of its value.

Avenge the wronged. Defend the weak and innocent. Never abandon friends and allies.

5) A man knows his duty and fulfills it with grace and gratitude.

Our duty is our purpose. It gives meaning to masculinity and drives us to become greater than what we once were. Challenges should be met with honor and without complaint. We should be thankful for the chance to learn, to grow, and to provide for those we love.

6) A man is honest, just, and does not break his promises.

Nobility requires honesty, loyalty, a respect for life, and avoiding deception. Men who lie do so out of fear or weakness. A man who lies carries nothing that is worthy of respect. Your word is your bond and if you cannot keep your word, no one will stand by your side.

7) A man will make sacrifices for his family and tribe.

The life of a man is a life of service to others. Having something in his life that he considers to be more important than himself is necessary to shaping his character and drives him to make his abilities effective. Without this influence in his life, he is more likely to dive into escapism and lose himself to self-destructive behaviors. He is also more likely to harm others for selfish reasons.

8) A man makes himself capable in many areas. He is eager to study, to learn, to achieve mastery, and pass what he learns to other men and the next generation of his kind.

The saying goes “Jack of all trades, Master of none.” This can certainly apply to some individuals, but as an overall statement, it is absolute nonsense. The ability to learn a skill is a skill within itself and a process that I have outlined in a previous post. Once you know HOW to learn, it will be the intensity of your focus upon that skills that decides the time between beginner and mastery. It is more than likely that there are minutes or hours within your day that could be better spent. An able man is a strong man.

9) A man nurtures self-awareness and adopts reason as a weapon against an uncontrolled ego.

It is very important for a man to examine himself and to become aware of unconscious influence over our thought process. As I said before, it is necessary for men to have strong opinions and practices. But it is also necessary for a man to be adaptable to useful change, to admit when he was wrong, and to be able to learn from his mistakes. It is our failures that will become our greatest teachers. Those who cannot do this will suffer from stagnation in many areas, limiting their overall ability to maximize their potential.

10) A man is fair, courteous, and loyal.

Men should be well spoken, be kind to women, have good manners, and never betray his friends. But he should also TAKE NO SHIT. Cut down traitors and drive off dangerous or manipulative women.

Roman Eagle Long

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