The Nature Of Women & Being A Good Man.


Masculinity is a force that shifts in its nature over the course of a man’s life. As his life changes so does his purpose, and he must adapt himself accordingly. This is a fundamental idea that has often been ignored by other writers, who generally focus on masculinity from the confines of a purely masculine environment. It is true that a man must be recognized as an effective unit among a group of men, but a man is not complete if he is not also recognized as a man in balance to the nature of women.

A young man’s purpose is to explore his masculinity to the absolute extreme, to educate himself in the ways of being a man, and to prove his worth among his brothers. But as men get older, they also must take part in their duty to expand their heritage, continue their bloodline, and nurture their community. This requires the ability of a man to portray the qualities that are attractive to women and that can aid in sustaining a healthy and happy family life. Through these actions, men not only sustain their own ability to live but also their family’s and their folk’s.

The Relationship Between Men And Women

We live in a time where dating is more difficult than ever before. The virus of the modern world has stripped greater civilization of its shared values, shared culture, and the benefits of a tight-knit community. Because of this, the characteristics of successful relationships are no longer being naturally developed within our youth. To make matters worse, our enemies use this disconnection from our roots to replace our values with degeneracy and filth.

In order to fight against the disease that eats away at our collective future, we must examine the dramatic differences between men and women, while also making the effort to understand their distinctive purposes. We must nurture our ability and desire to develop healthy and effective family units. That is the only way to secure a future for our people.

The Balance

The relationship between masculinity and femininity are of two opposing forces which work together in order to serve a greater purpose. These two forces are not interchangeable or created equal, and the maintenance of this balance is important to the foundation of a healthy society. When men and women are stripped of their unique God-given purpose, it is not a sense of freedom that they inherit, but a loss of what is truly fulfilling to their soul.

The traits in the following diagram are absolutes, showing absolute masculine and absolute feminine. All men and women have both masculine and feminine traits, but depending on the individual, they manifest themselves to a different degree.

Men who burn at the hottest end of the masculine spectrum often require women who are in their absolute feminine to achieve a balanced relationship. You’ll find that the roles of a man and a woman in a specific relationship will never be the same across the board. Rather, they are distributed according to their own specific energetic strengths. Men and women will often gravitate towards partners who complete their own personal balance.


The Purpose

Just as masculinity shifts in its purpose over time, so does femininity. Understanding what these purposes are will aid you in your own development and help you become the kind of man that will bring good women into your life.

The Masculine Life-Cycle

From an evolutionary standpoint, the basic purpose of man is to aid in providing safety and resources; allowing for the continuation of his and his partner’s genes. This basic purpose is the inspiration that leads to the development of tribes and a growing civilization. From this point of view, a man’s typical life cycle is outlined below.

Early Life: In this portion of our lives we begin to discover the basic traits of being a man. Many traits will come to the surface naturally and others we will learn to emulate through watching our fathers or other male members of our community. This is the fundamental foundation of a masculine education. The values that are instilled within us during this time will likely shape who we become in the future.

Teen-Life: During our teens, we begin to further understand our masculinity and put it to the test among other males. Going through the process of puberty also intensifies our unique traits and desires, usually in a very awkward manner. Many of these experiences will be new and powerful. It will take time to learn to balance these forces and gain control over them. Here we take our first real step into the shoes of manhood and start shaping our plans for the future.

Early Adult Life: As young men, we begin to chase after our goals, further develop our minds and bodies, as well as build a foundation for the acquisition of power or resources. Here we prepare ourselves to take over the role of leaders of men and the providers of our families. This is the rite of passage that will set men apart from boys and separate good men from tyrants.

Mid-Life: Here we begin to take on the role that our fathers had in our own lives. By this point in life, we should be established and capable providers. Our personal character should be polished, as well as our minds and bodies, making us the prime choice for a partner to our women. This will also aid us in raising proper children of our own, who will grow up to be adults that make us proud and continue our way of life.

Old Age: As we begin to reach our twilight it will be necessary for us to have a continued purpose. We are now the elder of a larger family that has expanded more than a single generation. We must continue to find fulfillment in our achievements as men, as fathers, and as husbands. We must also make sure to nurture our traditions and pass down the wisdom we have obtained within our lives to our immediate descendants. What we leave behind will be our legacy and will shape the future of our people.

The Feminine Purpose

A woman’s basic purpose is the nurturing of her children, family, and community. The walls built around civilization by men provide the safe space for women to work their magic. Men make civilization possible, but women give it greater meaning. It is women who teach love at its greatest depths. It is women who inspire their daughters to become mothers worthy of worship and their sons to become men of honor. They are the keepers of culture and education. They are the earthbound goddesses that make the sacrifices of men worth the blood that they have given.

The implementation of feminist ideology seeks to strip women of their natural grace and put them into the same category as men. As this poison sinks deeper into the foundation of our civilization, fewer women see their true value and deny it in order to compete in the masculine arena. Not only does this destroy the balance that makes a healthy relationship possible but it also removes from a society that which gives men reason to defend it.

Being A Man Among Women


We know that from an evolutionary perspective that women seek men who are capable of providing the right environment to successfully raise children. It is easy to get lost in the idea that it is mere economic resources that bring women into your realm. But economic success alone does not guarantee that a man is capable of adequately maintaining a long-term relationship. When a man lacks the necessary traits to hold a family together, the damage done to the development of their children can be catastrophic.

Genetic quality is also an aspect that both partners seek, which for all of us is a luck of the draw. But just as with economic resources, genes alone are not enough to stabilize a family. So what qualities make a man good at being the head of his family? What qualities make a woman satisfied in their relationship with him? And what qualities drive relationships to last a lifetime?

1) Confidence

True confidence is not something that men are born with. Sure, some men are good at faking confidence and others are too stupid to realize when they have nothing to be legitimately confident about. But true confidence is earned through a man’s personal development. He has worked hard to hone his abilities, knows what he is capable of, and knows what those abilities are worth. A man with this kind of confidence cannot be easily broken. He cannot be easily angered when challenged by weaker men. He is solid in his existence and has no need for overcompensation. He presents himself completely and honestly.

He does not chase. He does not beg. He does not doubt because he can adapt. He goes after what he wants and if he receives nothing in return, or if what he finds is not suitable to his standards; he is upfront about that and removes himself from the situation. A confident man knows he has options.

2) Self Control

A man’s relationship with a woman is that of a pillar of strength. Women are known to be somewhat chaotic in their being. They are constantly changing emotionally. They are curious and adventurous. Her life is like a rollercoaster and she benefits greatly by having something that is consistent in her life. A man should be balanced and grounded. When she loses herself to her own chaos, he brings her back to the calm. His consistency is a realm of certainty and safety for her. A man who is in control is difficult to walk away from.

Women will often test you to find out just how in control you actually are. If you do not pass these tests, then they will move on to someone else.

3) Developed Ability

A man must be capable in many areas. As a protector, he must be skilled in violence, physical fitness, and basic medical treatments. As a provider, he should be able to bring home the bacon, in one way or another. He should be capable of maintaining the home and giving life to the garden. If something breaks, he shouldn’t always have to hire another man to fix it for him. He should be a problem solver and a stubborn creator.

There are plenty of useless men in the world. Don’t be one of them. There should be more to your life than football, beer, and video games.

4) Attentiveness

A man should have the ability to watch and to listen. He should be concerned about the needs of his partner and his children. He should not be oblivious to the subtle problems that occur within the home. He should be active in finding solutions when a solution is available. Women don’t always make sense from the masculine perspective, but that does not negate the legitimacy of their experience.

Even when we do not understand, sometimes the only solution a woman needs is the attentive ear of someone who cares.

5) Compassion

A family man is not a man who only cares about himself. A certain amount of selfishness is necessary for everyone. If you don’t take the time to take care of yourself, then you won’t be of any use to anyone else. But there are times when making sacrifices for the people you love is an act of nobility. Sometimes you have to give something up so that your family can have something that is imperative to their growth.

6) Commitment

A family can only last if everyone involved is 100% committed to its maintenance. A sense of loyalty and trust is a huge part of the foundation upon which a successful relationship is built. If that foundation is broken, then there is likely no chance to repair it. If you do not intend to be a committed member of the family, then you have no business putting yourself in that position to begin with. To be dishonest with your intentions and to manipulate the lives of women and children is a shameful and dishonorable act.

7) Decisiveness and Action Taking

Women don’t like men who can’t make up their minds, who don’t know what they want or don’t have the ability to act upon their desires. That kind of passive and wishy-washy behavior is not reflective of masculine traits. A man should have his sights on something. He should have goals to achieve. He should be capable of leading and driving the family forward towards something greater. We are not creatures of uncertainty.

8) Passion For Life

Women want to know that a man has something in his life other than them. They don’t want to deal with the kind of clingy men who rely on them for happiness and excitement. A man should have other hobbies and goals that light the fire in his eyes and bring joy to his face. A man of depth and substance is significantly more attractive than an empty shell seeking external fulfillment. If you can’t bring fulfillment to yourself, then how do you expect to lead a family towards fulfillment?

Read books. Have a sense of humor. Learn to play an instrument. Be explorative and exciting. And don’t forget to show interest in your partner’s passions as well.

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