The Demands Of Men and The Benefits To Women.

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Social standards continue to make a decline, as the virus of Marxism worms its way into the minds of our youth. The values of our ancestors have been replaced with alcoholism, drug abuse, careless sexuality, and greed. The personal sacrifice of love and commitment has been tossed aside in favor of momentary entertainment and purely selfish desires.

While it is common for the values of women to drive the standards of men, this concept can also be effective in reverse. But our ability to take power over feminine values depends entirely on two things:

  1. Our own ability to set an example for higher standards.
  2. Knowing what we want, clearly defining it, and making sacrifices that serve our goals.

Superior Man

We have no right to impose higher standards upon others without first demanding those same standards of ourselves. This requires a brutal self-examination in which we criticize our weak areas and overcome them. We must be responsible and in control, even of the illogical impulses that are buried deep within our DNA. We have that power.

The elements of superior man include:

  • The nurturing of critical intelligence and general wisdom.
  • The upkeep and advancement of our physical bodies.
  • A healthy morality, based on honor and natural law.
  • A calm, controlled, confident, and stable demeanor. But also the ability to utilize humor.
  • A dedicated purpose that is greater than ourselves and which cannot be sacrificed for anything.
  • Basic abilities to provide necessary survival resources, including being skilled in the area of violence.
  • Useful handyman abilities that lessen reliance on the need for external assistance.

We also must not sacrifice our standards by giving into superficial urges. Momentary physical pleasure is far less valuable than rising to a superior level of personal power. Demanding more of women requires that we do not give them our time, our attention, or our resources unless they are deserving of them. Being overpowered by these urges is a weakness that every man must overcome if he does not wish to be manipulated and controlled.

Useful Qualities Of Potential Partners

Knowing what we want requires some thought. As traditionalists, our goals often include the creation of a family and the raising of children. This means that the qualities that we should look for in women should be beneficial towards successful and healthy motherhood.

Here is a checklist of questions to help you get started in considering the qualities that are important to you.

1. Does she possess desirable genetic traits? (Strong features, no hereditary illnesses, sufficient cognitive ability, maintained fitness.)
2. Does she possess desirable personality traits? (Strength, confidence, feminine, nurturing, psychologically stable, humor, desire, growth-focused vs victim-minded.)
3. Does she compliment your worldview and aid you in building a future of mutual interests?
4. Is she capable of helping sufficiently educate children?
5. Is she capable of protecting the family when you’re not home?
6. Does she value spiritual and communal development over economic and materialistic items?
7. Will she be happy living a life of self-sufficiency free from economic slavery?
8. Is she trained in music, languages, gardening, cooking, or other useful skills?
9. Will she evolve or degenerate over time?
10. Can she be trusted to honor and support the family, even in the face of hardship?

Unacceptable Conditions And Behaviors

Men with higher standards have one basic power: the power to say “no.” As I said before, we must be capable of controlling our biological impulses and not allow them to sabotage our goals or to be used against us. Meaning that we cannot waste time on women who do not meet our standards. Some things must not be tolerated and their natural consequences must be allowed to take place.

Choose Those Who Choose You: 

Superior men do not chase and beg women to be a part of their lives. They desire women who have a high amount of interest in them. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops in competition with other males. If she does not place a high value on your company, then you are best waiting for a woman who does.

Consider Her Previous Relationships: 

You can tell a lot about a woman by examining the type of men she has previously dated and how many of them there are. It is not uncommon for young women to make dating mistakes and attach themselves to undesirable men. But it is a clear warning sign if she makes that mistake more than once.

A large number of partners in her past also brings up certain moral concerns. If she was being tossed around by every boy in the neighborhood, is she really the type of woman who holds positive motherly qualities? Is this the woman you would want to set an example for your daughters?

Lastly, you should consider the following before getting involved with women in a relationship: If she is willing to cheat on her boyfriend with you, then what is going to stop her from eventually treating you the same way? This behavior shows low levels of strong moral character. If her relationship was bad enough to cause her to pursue an affair, she should have ended it promptly.

She Disapproves Of And Demeans Masculine Traits: 

Marxist ideology has brainwashed many young women against masculine men. It is not uncommon for women to partner with effeminate males, who will be treated more like pets than partners.

If she has no respect for who you are and the benefits you provide, including violent protection when necessary, then walk away. Eventually, she’ll realize that the world is not the safe space they kept her in during college. Having to personally make up for the inadequacies of her pet man-boy will inevitably overwhelm her with mistrust and resentment.


She’s A Party Girl And Values Fame, Fun, And Money: 

These women are worthless as mothers. I’ve seen them force their own parents to raise their children so that they can continue to drink and use drugs. What they don’t realize is that the kind of men who are willing to partner with them don’t actually value them. There will come a time where there is a younger and prettier party girl that makes her absolutely worthless in his eyes.

Traitors To Their Own People: 

Women who betray their own people must live with the consequences of their choices. They are sacrificing their genetic heritage, their children will not look like them, and they are much more likely to end up as widows or single mothers. They are also watering down the quality of their bloodline, creating the kind of dysgenic conditions that is already undermining the foundational integrity of society.

Infantile Mentality: 

Some women never grow up and are prone to temper tantrums, selfish behavior, and manipulative guilt tripping. They will lie, cheat, and steal. Drop them like the anchor they are.

Save your time, your attention, your resources, and your skills for someone who appreciates them. Let the rest feel the sting that comes with their distorted values. They MUST feel it. Other women must witness this pain and decide once and for all who they wish to become.

The Benefits Of Patriarchy

“In patriarchy, men sacrifice their energy, their time, and sometimes even their lives for the betterment of women and children, and women give themselves to nurturing children and families.

Feminists define patriarchy as a system of dominance, in which men oppress women. This redefines men’s sacrifice as an act of control, rather than love. Many men are perfectly happy to have sex with women without offering any protection or value to the woman or her resulting children. It is an act of love that men willingly give up their freedom in order to provide for women, and their young.

Patriarchy is about love. It is about the love of human beings in families, tribes, and small communities working interdependently for the benefit of one another.”

~ Eric Crowley – Why Patriarchy Is The Greatest Social System Ever Created. 

The above quote comes from a fantastic article written by Eric Crowley. I highly suggest that you check it out for yourself. He has done an excellent job of destroying the feminist dogma against masculine created and dominated systems.


Final Thoughts

Statistically, women committed to their children and family are significantly happier than those who choose other lifestyles. But starting a successful family has become much more difficult with all of the degenerated social values that have imprinted upon them. This article focuses heavily on our power as men to uplift ourselves, set high standards for our partners, and saying “no” when it comes to women who don’t live up to those standards.

By doing this we are ultimately doing women a favor. We are providing them with proof that good, high-quality men, still exist in this world. Men who desire to dedicate themselves to a family unit and tribe. Men who seek purpose in making sacrifices so that the people he loves the most can survive and prosper.

They must see this and realize that those things won’t be given to them for free. Just as we have to work to become good men, they must work to become good women and mothers.

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