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Work and summer activities have taken a toll on my writing for a few months, but I have been gathering inspiration for several long-form essays, which I will begin to work on this fall and throughout the winter.

For the time being, most of my short-form contributions can be found on my Facebook or Instagram pages under the same name. These pages typically see updates several times per week and often on a daily basis. If you have enjoyed the content of this website, then I encourage you to check out the content posted on social media as well.

Thank you to everyone who has shown an interest in my work, and I hope to provide you with interesting and useful material in the future.


A Beginner’s Guide To Weightlifting


As heathens and nationalists, it is necessary to put pressure on each other to maintain a reasonable level of physical fitness. In order to build and maintain a strong and healthy community, it will require the effort of strong and healthy men and women. Weak men cannot provide for or protect their tribe, nor can weak women produce or raise desirable offspring. While there are groups who put a considerable amount of focus on achieving physical growth, there are still too many among us who have neglected to develop themselves in this area.

I understand that some people are struggling with conditions that make it difficult for them to pursue fitness at the same level of intensity as others. But considering that there are many examples of competitive athletes with extreme disadvantages, such as missing limbs, who are out-training fully functional men and women; it is hard to believe that you are incapable of, at the very least, finding a way to raise your heart rate for 20-60 minutes on a daily basis. Because of this, I encourage everyone to put more pressure on the people around them. Group accountability will go a long way in achieving a community of superior health and fitness.

If you are currently out of shape, don’t allow that to be the final reflection of your capabilities as a man or woman. Life happens, and sometimes weakness can overcome even the strongest of people. What truly matters is your ability to acknowledge that your current conditions are not honorable or desirable, as well as making the decision to take action and change those conditions. Be bold. Help yourself. And others will come to aid you in your journey.

Getting Started

When it comes to weightlifting, most beginners want extreme results, as fast as they can achieve them. Often they take on programs that they aren’t ready for and sabotage their overall results, or their ability to maintain those results long term. They also risk experiencing a serious sports injury, which could lead to a significant setback that lasts for months or even years.

I am of the opinion that, if you’re going to set out to achieve something, then you should put in the time and effort to learn how to do it right. You should break the skill down to its most basic elements, and master these foundational areas, before proceeding onto more advanced goals. When it comes to weightlifting, not only will this mindset help you to prevent serious injury, but it will also give you the skills you need to make and maintain long-term progress.

As a new lifter, you will benefit the most by learning the muscle memory that allows you to perform basic exercises correctly. Instead of jumping immediately into seeing how much you can lift without any prior education. Proper form not only helps prevent injuries but also ensures that you are targeting muscle fibers correctly, leading to superior results from your time in the gym.

Your primary focus should be on perfecting the performance of the main lifts, which will essentially target every large muscle group, as well as the basic functional movements of the human body. These lifts include The Military Press, The Bench Press, The Row, The Deadlift, and The Squat. If you’re a freak, like me, and have to punish yourself further; some isolation movements can be thrown in as a secondary objective. Although, as an absolute beginner, the main lifts will be enough to stimulate the growth of neurological strength and muscle mass. With any skill, the best advice I can give you is to “keep it simple and build from there.”

When it comes to learning proper form, there are plenty of free pictures and video materials available to you online. In fact, you probably won’t live long enough to go through all of the video tutorials on the proper squat form. But in your own best interest, I highly recommend working with an experienced trainer to help you get started.

The Warm-up 

A warm up properly prepares your body for a high-stress workout. Failing to perform a proper warm-up, will not only increase your chances of injury, but could also hurt your overall performance.

An individual’s warm-up is a very personal thing. The longer you lift, and the more you become familiar with your body, the better your warm-up will work. Over time, you will begin to recognize what joints and muscles need the most care, which is likely to differ from day to day. Meaning that your warm-up is also likely to change from workout to workout.

Prior to the following exercises, it might be beneficial to perform a general warm-up procedure. Especially if you’re working out in the morning or during colder times of the year. This should include a few minutes on the treadmill,  performing jumping jacks, or jumping rope. You might also consider it beneficial to include specific foam rolling exercises or stretches.

The following exercises serve to prepare and mobilize your hip and shoulder joints. As well as to activate the key muscles surrounding those joints. Remember that the warm-up should adequately prepare your body for the rest of the workout, without wearing you out before you begin.

The Thoracic Rotation


This movement focuses on the thoracic spine. Improved thoracic spine mobility makes it easier to safely stabilize your lumbar spine.

Beginning Position: 

  1. Start in a half-kneeling position, with your right knee down and your left foot forward.
  2. Both Knees should be at a 90-degree angle.
  3. Bend forward at the hips so that your upper torso is parallel with the floor.
  4. Place your right hand on the floor beneath your right shoulder and in line with your left foot.

Movement Performance: 

  1. Rotate your upper torso as you reach up and back with your left hand. Follow your hand with your eyes and make both arms perpendicular to the floor.
  2. Reverse the movement, pulling your left arm down, and reach beyond your right arm.

Do eight reps each side.

Hip Flexor Mobilization


Making sure your hip muscles are activated and ready to work through their ideal range of motion, is a several stage process. The following exercise targets the hip flexors, which are strips of muscle on the front of your pelvis. These get short and weak from spending hours sitting every day.

Beginning Position: 

  1. Start in the half kneeling position, with your right knee and left foot on the floor.
  2. Keep your torso upright and place both hands behind your back.

Movement Performance: 

  1. Squeeze your right glute muscle and shift your hips forward.
  2. You’ll feel the stretch down the right side of your pelvis and at the top of your right thigh.
  3. Relax and return to the starting position.

Do six reps each side.

The Glute Bridge


Beginning Position: 

  1. Lie face up on the floor.
  2. Bend your knees and put your feet flat on the floor.
  3. Place your arms out to your sides.

Movement Performance: 

  1. Push down through your heels to lift your hips off the floor, until your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees.
  2. Hold this position for two seconds and allow yourself to feel the contraction in your glutes and hamstrings.
  3. Lower your hips toward the floor, stopping before they touch, and repeat for 10 to 15 reps.
The Clam Shell

Man lying on side doing clamshell exercise.

The clamshell aids in developing hip abduction strength. Strengthening these muscles will lead to improved strength and power in the gym.

Beginning Position: 

  1. Lie on your left side with your knees bent at a 45-degree angle.
  2. Keep your abs tight and use your left arm to support your head.

Movement Performance: 

  1. Tighten your abs
  2. Lift your right knee as high as you can.
  3. Pause at the top and return to the starting position.

10-12 reps each side.

An alternative method of the clam can be used with a resistance band. Wrap the band above the knees and use your left arm to support your upper torso. Spread your knees as far apart as you can and hold the open position for 30-60 seconds each. If you can hold it for 60 seconds relatively easily, then its time to switch to a more challenging resistance band.

The Body-Weight Squat


Beginning Position:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Keep your toes pointed forward.
  3. Stretch your arm out in front of you.

Movement Performance: 

  1. Push your hips straight back, as if you were about to sit in a chair.
  2. Drop until your upper thighs are parallel to the floor.
  3. Return to the starting position, with your knees and hips following the same path they used on the way down.

Do 10 to 15 reps.

The Tri-Lunge 

Side Lunge

Beginning Position: 

  1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart.
  2. Place your hands behind your head like you’re about to get arrested.

Movement Performance. 

  1. Step forward with your left leg, lowering your body until both knees are bent at 90 degrees. Keep your torso upright and step back into the starting position.
  2. Take a long step to your left, descending into a deep side lunge. Keep your left knee bent and your chest over your left thigh. Your right leg should be straight, with both feet flat on the floor and parallel to each other.
  3. Push back into the starting position.
  4. Step back with your left leg, descending until your left knee nearly touches the floor. Keep your body upright and step back into the starting position.
  5. Repeat this sequence with your right leg.

Do 2 or 3 three sets for each side. Remember not to exhaust yourself before the real workout begins.

The Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift 


This movement helps to test your balance, opens up your chest, stretch your hamstrings, and contract the glutes. It has been used as a working exercise as well, but it is also a fantastic body-weight movement to include in your warm-up routine.

Beginning Position: 

  1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart.
  2. Place your arms at your sides with your palms facing forward and thumbs out.

Movement Performance: 

  1. Slide your left leg back as you bend forward at the hips and raise your arms straight out to the sides. Your leg and torso should move together, keeping the same alignment until both are parallel to the floor and perpendicular to your right leg.
  2. You should feel the stretch through your right hamstring.
  3. Squeeze the muscles in your upper back to open up your chest and shoulders.
  4. Activate your right glute muscles to return to the starting position.
  5. As your left toes touch the floor, sweep your leg back to begin the next repetition.

Do five to eight reps for each leg. Do not exhaust the muscles.

The Military Press


The military press is one of the most basic shoulder exercises and also has some secondary benefits. The standing position requires a heavier demand on core and stabilization muscles. Making it a fantastic addition to any total body workout.

Target Muscle Groups: Anterior and Medial Deltoids, Triceps, Upper Pecs, and the upper back muscles that impart rotational force to the scapulae.

Beginning Position: 

  1. Load the barbell and place it on the floor at your feet.
  2. Place your feet at a comfortable distance apart and bend over to take an over-grip on the bar.
  3. Your hands should be set 3-4 inches wider than your shoulders on each side.
  4. Flatten your back and dip your hips to assume the right position for removing the bar from the floor.

Movement Performance: 

  1. Begin to pull the bar quickly off the floor by straightening your legs, then your back, and finally pulling with your arms to clean the bar to your chest.
  2. Fix the bar to your shoulders by whipping your elbows under the bar.
  3. Push the bar straight up, leaning your head back just enough to avoid smashing your face.
  4. Bring your head back to alignment as you push the weight to lockout overhead.
  5. Pause at peak contraction.
  6. Lean your head back again, lower the bar to the base of your throat.
  7. Repeat for the desired number of reps.


The Bench Press


The basic bench press has been called “upper body squats” by many old-school bodybuilders. You could get a very good workout just from performing bench presses, squats, and bent barbell rows. The movements place direct stress on virtually every skeletal muscle.

If your weightlifting goals include the development of maximal upper-body strength, then there’s no other option but to master this movement. For most males, this is something I would highly recommend, since physical strength is certainly an important part of masculine development. However, if you suffer from shoulder problems, or are training for general health and fitness; dumbbell presses are an excellent alternative. Assuming that you’ll have access to dumbbells heavy enough to train with, they allow each arm to work independently and add some extra work to your workouts.

Target Muscle Groups: Lower and outer sections of the Pecs, anterior and medial deltoids, triceps, and the muscles that impart rotational stress to the scapulae.

Beginning Position: 

  1. Load the barbell and lie on your back. Either on a flat or an incline bench.
  2. Spread your knees and set your feet flat on the floor.
  3. Take an over-grip with your hands and set them 3-4 inches wider than your shoulders on each side.
  4. Straighten your arms to lift the barbell from the rack and bring the bar into position at arms length, directly above your shoulder joints.

Movement Performance: 

  1. Flex your lats and pull the bar down to our lower chest, keeping your elbows close to your torso.
  2. Touch the bar to your chest and push the bar back to the starting position.
  3. Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Common Bench Press Variations: Incline Press, Decline Press, Dumbbell Press.

The Bent Over Barbell Row


The barbell row is fantastic for stressing virtually all of the back muscles. Variations in your grip can also allow this movement to target the biceps and forearms. As a standard recommendation, I wouldn’t suggest most lifters to use barbell rows on the same day as their deadlifts, to prevent an unacceptable amount of lower back fatigue.

Target Muscle Groups: Lats, Anterior Deltoids, Biceps, Forearm Flexors, Traps, Spinal Erectors, and Teres Major.

Beginning Position: 

  1. Place the barbell on the floor, setting your feet shoulder width apart, angling your toes slightly outward.
  2. Bench down, taking a shoulder-width over-grip on the barbell.
  3. Straighten your arms and bend your knees slightly.
  4. Flatten your back and raise your shoulders, making your torso parallel to the floor.

Movement Performance: 

  1. Moving only your arms, pull the bar straight up and into your lower abdomen.
  2. Hold this peak-contracted position for a moment, then slowly lower the bar back to the floor.
  3. Reset your body and repeat for the desired number of reps.

Common Row Variation: Under-grip Barbell Rows. 

The Deadlift


The key to utilizing your deadlifts most effectively is not focused on how much weight you can lift, but on the proper engagement of the target muscle groups, as well as the execution of the proper form. Once you have mastered these two things, then you can begin to work on getting as strong as you can, without compromising the form you have developed. When it comes to building mass in your back muscles, or overall body power, the deadlift is king.

Assuming that you’ve never done a deadlift before, I recommend starting with a conventional deadlift, then moving trying out variations.

Target Muscle Groups: Direct stress from this exercise is focused on the glutes, hamstrings, calves, quads, traps, and spinal erectors.

Beginning Position:  

  1. Load up a heavy barbell and place it on the gym floor.
  2. Set your feet shoulder-width apart, with your toes pointing straight ahead, and your shins touching the bar.
  3. Bend over and use a shoulder-width over-grip on the bar. Keeping your arms straight throughout the movement.
  4. Flatten your back and dip your hips to get into the proper position. Your shoulders should be above the level of your hips and your hips should be above the level of your knees.
  5. Grab the bar like your life depends on it, as a hard grip will naturally tighten the rest of your body.
  6. Push your chest up and pull your shoulders down, naturally bracing your core, fixing your back into its natural arch.

Movement Performance: 

  1. Rip the weight from the floor, guiding it straight up along your shins, and to a position where it rests along your upper thighs.
  2. As the bar passes your knees, thrust your hips forward.
  3. Finish the movement by squeezing your glutes and shoulder blades.
  4. Reverse the movement and return the barbell to the floor, using the same arc as before.
  5. Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Common Deadlift Variations:  Sumo Deadlift and Hex-Bar Deadlift.

The Back Squat


The squat is one of the best lower body exercises out there. Combined with the deadlift, it is also one of the best bodybuilding movements you can utilize in your training program. It puts so much stress on the entire cardio-respiratory system, that using squats will improve your metabolism, making it anabolic.

Target Muscle Groups: Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings, and Lower Back.

Beginning Position:

  1. Place the bar on the squat rack, positioning it just below shoulder height.
  2. Grab the bar with your hands spread outside of shoulder width.
  3. Duck under the bar and squeeze your shoulders together, in order to create a platform for the bar with your upper traps.
  4. Lift the bar and step away from the rack.
  5. Spread your feet a bit beyond shoulder width, with your toes either straight forward or slightly angled out.

Movement Performance: 

  1. Keeping your torso as erect as possible, push your hips back, and descend to the floor.
  2. Stop when the tops of your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  3. Without bouncing at the bottom of the movement, slowly stand erect, and return to the starting position.
  4. Repeat for the desired amount of reps.

Common Squat Variations: Body-weight Squats, Dumbbell Squats, Goblet Squats, and Front Squats.

 A Beginner’s Program

A beginner’s training program is most effective when it is simple and focuses on the foundational aspects of weightlifting. Not only should you take this time to learn proper form for the main lifts, but you should also take advantage of the benefits that all beginners have: fast improvement. The program below can be used by beginners for any training goal, for example, muscle building or fat loss.

I will start you out with two workouts, which will cover all of the main lifts above. You will have three training days every week and will switch off your workout in an ABA-BAB format.

So your schedule will look something like this.

Week 1

  1. Monday: Workout A
  2. Tuesday: off
  3. Wednesday: Workout B
  4. Thursday: off
  5. Friday: Workout A
  6. Saturday: off
  7. Sunday: off

Week 2

  1. Monday: Workout B
  2. Tuesday: off
  3. Wednesday: Workout A
  4. Thursday: off
  5. Friday: Workout B
  6. Saturday: off
  7. Sunday: off

The workouts themselves might appear too simple, but there is plenty of research to back up that this schedule is what is the most effective for beginners. If you’re serious about learning to lift and gaining long-term results: keep it simple and stick to the plan.

Workout A

  1. Squats
    3 sets of 8-10 reps.
    2 minutes rest between sets.
  2. Bench Press
    3 sets of 8-10 reps.
    2 minutes rest between sets.
  3. Rows
    3 sets of 8-10 reps.
    2 minutes rest between sets.

Workout B

  1. Deadlifts
    3 sets of 6-8 reps.
    2 minutes rest between sets.
  2. Pull-Ups 
    3 sets of 8-10 reps.
    2 minutes rest between sets.
  3. Military Press
    3 sets of 8-10 reps.
    2 minutes rest between sets.

For each set, you will be using the same weight. Start with a weight that allows you to perform the movement without compromising form. The last 2-3 reps should be the most difficult. When you’re capable of doing all sets with perfect form, you will then increase the weight in the smallest increments available. Usually around 2.5 to 5 pounds. As a beginner, you should be able to make consistent progress using this method for a long time.


For those of you who just HAVE to mess with perfection and continue to add movements to their workout; here in an alternative schedule for you to follow.

Workout A

  1. Squats
    3 sets of 8-10 reps.
    2 minutes rest between sets.
  2. Bench Press
    3 sets of 8-10 reps.
    2 minutes rest between sets.
  3. Rows
    3 sets of 8-10 reps.
    2 minutes rest between sets.
  4. Tricep Skullcrusher
    1 set of 10-12 reps.
  5. Calf Raises
    1-2 sets of 10-12 reps.
    1-minute rest between sets.

Workout B

  1. Deadlifts
    3 sets of 6-8 reps.
    2 minutes rest between sets.
  2. Pull-Ups 
    3 sets of 8-10 reps.
    2 minutes rest between sets.
  3. Military Press
    3 sets of 8-10 reps.
    2 minutes rest between sets.
  4. Dumbbell Bicep Curls
    1 set of 10-12 reps.
  5. Plank and Side-Plank 
    1-2 sets 30-60 seconds each.
    1-minute rest between sets.

These workouts are more than sufficient for any beginner. Don’t sabotage yourself by lifting with your ego, or by making this program any more difficult than it has to be. I have given you everything you need to begin a life-long journey of physical evolution. Take the time to learn the basics and you will set yourself up for long-term success.

It is also important to keep in mind the importance of pairing your workouts with proper nutrition. As such, I recommend that you check out my article on Nutrition For Fat Loss & Muscle Gain.

Roman Eagle Long

Those Who Want To Live, Let Them Fight.


If you live in Europe, or in the United States, your country was founded on the values of your white European ancestors. Only you, their descendants, can continue to maintain, implement, and positively evolve what they have created. Your nation is your inheritance. Your culture is your inheritance. Your land is your inheritance. The benefits created by the efforts of your ancestors were meant for you alone. It is your birthright. To stand idly by, while enemies and outsiders rob you of that birthright, is not only a neglect of your duty but also an act of cowardice. It will sabotage the future of your descendants and dishonor the sweat and blood of those who came before you.

Defending what is yours is not an insane act of senseless hate, but the most natural expression of personal love. We do not fight because we wish to destroy other groups of people, but only because we wish to preserve and improve what already belongs to us. Ensuring that we leave behind something of value for those who will follow in our footsteps. Our children deserve better than growing up in an alien land, whose natural resources have already been depleted and destroyed. A land where they are a minority in their own homes. Where their interests are ignored, while other groups receive special treatment from the state. Or where they are helpless victims of the violence of a foreign majority. Similar to the current conditions in South Africa, where white families are being ruthlessly slaughtered.

Unfortunately, we can already see this happening. Outsiders and enemies have taken over many positions of power. They control our economy, our justice system, our healthcare, our education, our entertainment, our news media, our food production, and our government. These are not people who share our interests or the interests of our ancestors. They have acquired power only to implement their own interests and to profit from taking advantage of our people. They have withered our strong communal values and have implemented a culture of consumerism, degeneracy, and shallow egoism. Our interests are constantly being demonized, while other races are not only encouraged to act as a group, but also receive special treatment as an “oppressed minority.” They not only shame our culture, but tear down our monuments and rewrite our history, without any fear of retaliation.

Every year there are more people being born, or arriving in our nations, that do not share our purpose. They do not share our values or way of life. They do not share the blood in our veins, that has been given to us by our ancestors. They do not care about their struggles or sacrifices. They do not care about honoring them or preserving what they have created. Every year, piece by piece, our place in the world is being removed. If we fail to do anything, then it will be our sons and daughters who suffer because of it.

Rockwell Shotgun


A Return To Honor

While it is true that we face powerful enemies from without, our greatest enemy comes from within. This enemy is our weakness and our cowardice, from which our enemies have taken significant advantage.

For too long, white advocacy groups have hidden behind their suits and ties, begging for the masses to give them the permission to succeed. Their goal is to sneak their way into the corrupt political system of their masters, hoping to alter it in our favor from within. In spite of minor political successes having been achieved, they have mostly served to keep us temporarily content; watering down our inner fire and keeping us from achieving absolute victory. We’ve been moving at a snail crawl for 100 years, while our enemy’s diseased agenda continues to spread like wildfire.

It is time to accept that true victory does not depend on the system itself, but instead on removing ourselves from it. Our goal should not be the preservation of what is already broken. We must allow it to destroy itself and create something that will outlast its inevitable downfall. Doing so will require a significant shift in our goals and strategies.

First of all, we must no longer cater to the masses. It is not necessary, or even desirable, to attract every dim-witted citizen of our nations. The main objective is not the winning over of hearts and minds, but rather the attraction of strength, of blood, and of honor. We cannot achieve a superior society by filling it with the same filth that has allowed this one to be destroyed.

No longer shall we allow anyone to shame us into handing away our power. We will no longer disavow our heritage or our sacred symbols at the first outcry of RACIST or VILLAIN. We will no longer hide behind the neutral uniforms of our corporate masters, hoping that not being recognized will protect us from the mindless barbarism of the majority.

Secondly, we will halt focusing our energy entirely on digital propaganda, allowing us to begin to organize and create tangible tribes. This must be an absolute priority. Like-minded people must come together, combine their resources, and work hard to achieve their independence. The best form of propaganda is not the creation of pictures and videos, but the creation of a living example of our Weltanschauung. Most people do not believe that there is another possible way of life, other than the one that has already been handed to them. They have no sense of vision or of personal power. Once an alternative option has been created, and its superiority has been displayed, it can no longer be overlooked. Those who have the capability to recognize its value will flock to it, in search of the same fulfillment that we seek for ourselves.

Most people living in the modern world, experience extreme inner feelings of emptiness, of loneliness, and of purposelessness. We have become so accustomed to the sickness that surrounds us, that many don’t even realize that they are infected. Their only means of coping with this sickness has been consumerism, substance abuse, and temporary physical relationships. But as time goes on, these distractions will no longer subdue those feelings. The only cure is culture, family, and community. This is what we must create, and we cannot do that as individuals, hiding behind our computers.

Lastly, we must recognize that there is still hope for our young and we must give them an opportunity to reach their ultimate potential. It is in our interests to develop community groups that are dedicated to the development of our young men and women. As the groups that currently exist have long been degraded from their initial intentions.

Young boys need an example of which to follow. An example that will guide them on the path to achieving their masculine birthright. They must be given a chance to experience being a man among other men, as well as facing hardship together as a tribe. They must compete against each other, while also learning to work together for a shared destiny. They must be educated in masculine morality, independence, skill building, and personal defense.

At the same time, we must restore the qualities that are most valuable in our young women. Society was not built upon a competition between the sexes but upon their necessary cooperation. The feminine qualities that women have to offer are unique to them and are significantly more valuable to us than women who compete in the masculine realm. Women who have been told their femininity is a prison, rather than a precious gift, have been robbed of their most glorious purpose.

It is men who tame the wild and make civilization possible. But it is women who give that civilization meaning and provide men with something worth fighting for. Women also ensure that our people will live on, and by raising our children well, that we will continue to experience an upward evolution.

Take some time to think about these words and to plan your future carefully. Think about the man or woman that you wish to become. Will your ancestors smile upon you from above? Or will they be ashamed of how far we have fallen? Behind us are many gods and goddesses. Many heroes and heroines. Many conquerors and queens. Many fathers and mothers.

What lies ahead of us is up to you. Depending on what you decide, it may very well be our extinction.

Roman Eagle Long

The Experience Of Loss


Last weekend, the ticking time bomb that has lingered over me for the last few years has finally gone off. My 15-year-old dog, Willow, lost her life to severe pain and paralysis. After months of helping her meet her special needs, and fighting the degradation of her body, it was finally too much for her to continue. The only choice left was to let go of any selfish attachments and provide her with one final act of selfless love: to release her from her suffering.

Most people assume that death is hard the hard part of life, but they assume wrong. In fact, death is the easiest thing in the world. With a quick prick of the needle, death came for my Willow, and it was over in one heartbreaking instant. That’s when the hard part begins, after death, when all you can do is try to carry on with the emptiness it has left you with. A beacon of light and joy has been removed from my world forever. And for now, I will wander my way through the darkness the best I can.

When you experience a loss like this, your friends will tell you that you’ll get over it eventually, but that’s not true. You’ll never really get over it. You’ll only learn to live with it. The pain becomes another part of who you are, and it will inevitably change you, in one way or another. Even as a heathen, with a natural understanding and acceptance of death, loss is like anything else in life. It will never be a simple process.

Both the heart and the mind will struggle to process these changes. It will likely be weeks, or months, before my brain stops projecting her image onto her favorite spots. Or convincing me that I heard the noises that accompany her presence. After over a decade, it is the empty spaces that are the loudest reminders of everything she meant to us. It is the deafening absence of her loving energy that is the most painful.

The world is filled with treacherous assholes and simple-minded fools. I’d gladly trade them all to get her back.


Someday this loss will be easier to live with and who I am will have been altered by the lessons that await me during this process. But for now, the pain is something that I must experience. Because this pain is a sign that it all meant something. That it had value. That all of the good things that come with animal companionship are well worth the long-term costs of those commitments. This is the wolven instinct and she was my wolf.

Finally, I’d like to extend my gratitude to those who have reached out to me and shown kindness during these tough times. It is true that I find it difficult to have any positive feelings towards most people in this modern world. But it is those few people, that hold tightly to the ways and values of our ancestors, who inspire me to fight for our continued existence. Those are the people who have my utmost respect, and they are welcome at my dinner table, anytime.


~ Dominick


The Demands Of Men and The Benefits To Women.

Knight Horse Love

Social standards continue to make a decline, as the virus of Marxism worms its way into the minds of our youth. The values of our ancestors have been replaced with alcoholism, drug abuse, careless sexuality, and greed. The personal sacrifice of love and commitment has been tossed aside in favor of momentary entertainment and purely selfish desires.

While it is common for the values of women to drive the standards of men, this concept can also be effective in reverse. But our ability to take power over feminine values depends entirely on two things:

  1. Our own ability to set an example for higher standards.
  2. Knowing what we want, clearly defining it, and making sacrifices that serve our goals.

Superior Man

We have no right to impose higher standards upon others without first demanding those same standards of ourselves. This requires a brutal self-examination in which we criticize our weak areas and overcome them. We must be responsible and in control, even of the illogical impulses that are buried deep within our DNA. We have that power.

The elements of superior man include:

  • The nurturing of critical intelligence and general wisdom.
  • The upkeep and advancement of our physical bodies.
  • A healthy morality, based on honor and natural law.
  • A calm, controlled, confident, and stable demeanor. But also the ability to utilize humor.
  • A dedicated purpose that is greater than ourselves and which cannot be sacrificed for anything.
  • Basic abilities to provide necessary survival resources, including being skilled in the area of violence.
  • Useful handyman abilities that lessen reliance on the need for external assistance.

We also must not sacrifice our standards by giving into superficial urges. Momentary physical pleasure is far less valuable than rising to a superior level of personal power. Demanding more of women requires that we do not give them our time, our attention, or our resources unless they are deserving of them. Being overpowered by these urges is a weakness that every man must overcome if he does not wish to be manipulated and controlled.

Useful Qualities Of Potential Partners

Knowing what we want requires some thought. As traditionalists, our goals often include the creation of a family and the raising of children. This means that the qualities that we should look for in women should be beneficial towards successful and healthy motherhood.

Here is a checklist of questions to help you get started in considering the qualities that are important to you.

1. Does she possess desirable genetic traits? (Strong features, no hereditary illnesses, sufficient cognitive ability, maintained fitness.)
2. Does she possess desirable personality traits? (Strength, confidence, feminine, nurturing, psychologically stable, humor, desire, growth-focused vs victim-minded.)
3. Does she compliment your worldview and aid you in building a future of mutual interests?
4. Is she capable of helping sufficiently educate children?
5. Is she capable of protecting the family when you’re not home?
6. Does she value spiritual and communal development over economic and materialistic items?
7. Will she be happy living a life of self-sufficiency free from economic slavery?
8. Is she trained in music, languages, gardening, cooking, or other useful skills?
9. Will she evolve or degenerate over time?
10. Can she be trusted to honor and support the family, even in the face of hardship?

Unacceptable Conditions And Behaviors

Men with higher standards have one basic power: the power to say “no.” As I said before, we must be capable of controlling our biological impulses and not allow them to sabotage our goals or to be used against us. Meaning that we cannot waste time on women who do not meet our standards. Some things must not be tolerated and their natural consequences must be allowed to take place.

Choose Those Who Choose You: 

Superior men do not chase and beg women to be a part of their lives. They desire women who have a high amount of interest in them. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops in competition with other males. If she does not place a high value on your company, then you are best waiting for a woman who does.

Consider Her Previous Relationships: 

You can tell a lot about a woman by examining the type of men she has previously dated and how many of them there are. It is not uncommon for young women to make dating mistakes and attach themselves to undesirable men. But it is a clear warning sign if she makes that mistake more than once.

A large number of partners in her past also brings up certain moral concerns. If she was being tossed around by every boy in the neighborhood, is she really the type of woman who holds positive motherly qualities? Is this the woman you would want to set an example for your daughters?

Lastly, you should consider the following before getting involved with women in a relationship: If she is willing to cheat on her boyfriend with you, then what is going to stop her from eventually treating you the same way? This behavior shows low levels of strong moral character. If her relationship was bad enough to cause her to pursue an affair, she should have ended it promptly.

She Disapproves Of And Demeans Masculine Traits: 

Marxist ideology has brainwashed many young women against masculine men. It is not uncommon for women to partner with effeminate males, who will be treated more like pets than partners.

If she has no respect for who you are and the benefits you provide, including violent protection when necessary, then walk away. Eventually, she’ll realize that the world is not the safe space they kept her in during college. Having to personally make up for the inadequacies of her pet man-boy will inevitably overwhelm her with mistrust and resentment.


She’s A Party Girl And Values Fame, Fun, And Money: 

These women are worthless as mothers. I’ve seen them force their own parents to raise their children so that they can continue to drink and use drugs. What they don’t realize is that the kind of men who are willing to partner with them don’t actually value them. There will come a time where there is a younger and prettier party girl that makes her absolutely worthless in his eyes.

Traitors To Their Own People: 

Women who betray their own people must live with the consequences of their choices. They are sacrificing their genetic heritage, their children will not look like them, and they are much more likely to end up as widows or single mothers. They are also watering down the quality of their bloodline, creating the kind of dysgenic conditions that is already undermining the foundational integrity of society.

Infantile Mentality: 

Some women never grow up and are prone to temper tantrums, selfish behavior, and manipulative guilt tripping. They will lie, cheat, and steal. Drop them like the anchor they are.

Save your time, your attention, your resources, and your skills for someone who appreciates them. Let the rest feel the sting that comes with their distorted values. They MUST feel it. Other women must witness this pain and decide once and for all who they wish to become.

The Benefits Of Patriarchy

“In patriarchy, men sacrifice their energy, their time, and sometimes even their lives for the betterment of women and children, and women give themselves to nurturing children and families.

Feminists define patriarchy as a system of dominance, in which men oppress women. This redefines men’s sacrifice as an act of control, rather than love. Many men are perfectly happy to have sex with women without offering any protection or value to the woman or her resulting children. It is an act of love that men willingly give up their freedom in order to provide for women, and their young.

Patriarchy is about love. It is about the love of human beings in families, tribes, and small communities working interdependently for the benefit of one another.”

~ Eric Crowley – Why Patriarchy Is The Greatest Social System Ever Created. 

The above quote comes from a fantastic article written by Eric Crowley. I highly suggest that you check it out for yourself. He has done an excellent job of destroying the feminist dogma against masculine created and dominated systems.


Final Thoughts

Statistically, women committed to their children and family are significantly happier than those who choose other lifestyles. But starting a successful family has become much more difficult with all of the degenerated social values that have imprinted upon them. This article focuses heavily on our power as men to uplift ourselves, set high standards for our partners, and saying “no” when it comes to women who don’t live up to those standards.

By doing this we are ultimately doing women a favor. We are providing them with proof that good, high-quality men, still exist in this world. Men who desire to dedicate themselves to a family unit and tribe. Men who seek purpose in making sacrifices so that the people he loves the most can survive and prosper.

They must see this and realize that those things won’t be given to them for free. Just as we have to work to become good men, they must work to become good women and mothers.

Roman Eagle Long

The Father Of All Things And The Gateway To Ascension.


The core of heathen philosophy and spirituality is change itself. It is true that our physical forms do come with certain genetic limitations and sicknesses, but these limitations do not make all change impossible. Perhaps there are cognitive or physical levels that an individual will never reach, but that does not stop them from becoming wiser than they were yesterday. It does not stop them from maximizing their potential abilities, from altering their mentality, their morality, or spiritual divinity. It is my belief that if you do not believe in change, then you have not yet suffered enough in this life to have experienced it absolutely.

Change is an element that drives our most sacred rituals, such as honoring the shifting of the seasons and what they mean for us literally and philosophically. We also recognize change through suffering and sacrifice, as Odin experienced while speared to the world tree for nine days, after plucking out his own eye. There he sacrificed himself to himself, in order to gain wisdom and learn the secrets of the runes.

It is our ultimate purpose as heathens to emulate the way of the gods. To become as they are and earn our way into their realm. Our shift in consciousness will eventually become the foundation and the stepping stones to our children’s development. What we are they will become and hopefully surpass. When we fail to overcome our weaknesses, we pass that trial onto them.

Absolute Change Requires Absolute Suffering.

It is not uncommon for the idea of suffering to be presented in a way that involves the choice to experience it. Such as going to the gym, staying dedicated to a diet, giving up certain vices, or surpassing our boundaries through the development of a skill. I won’t diminish these changes, as they do play a very important role in our own development, but they differ from true suffering in one essential area: we decide when enough is enough. We decide where our limits are and can choose to go no further at our own discretion.

Absolute metamorphosis requires us to experience suffering that we cannot escape from. It is a suffering that pushes us past our limits with no choice but to face them or be destroyed in the process. It breaks us down to the very core, leaving no weaknesses unexamined. That is the true test of an individual’s power and the only gateway that leads to divine ascension.

Time Under Tension.

The amount of progress that we make in any area is equal to the amount of focus applied to it, as well as the amount of time we are capable of withstanding stressful stimuli. The rampant weakness we witness in our modern society is a product of too much comfort and not enough demand. We have become accustomed to comfort and a stranger to the struggle for survival. It won’t be long before adults start wearing diapers so they don’t have to leave the couch in the middle of their favorite television program.

A majority of people have not been adequately tested. They have had too many options to choose comfort and do not have the ability to withstand suffering for a greater cause. At the same time, even those who actively choose strength are not truly pushing past their limits. They only push past the limits that they allow themselves to experience.

Think about how long the average workout takes. A physical workout certainly demands a decent amount of mental fortitude in order to complete, but after 45 to 60 minutes, the workout is over. The stress is over. The need to push past your limits is left behind in the gym. It is a form of escapable suffering.

Imagine what an individual can become if they learn to withstand constant suffering. A suffering that may last days, weeks, or years. A suffering that tests the true measure of a man’s ability to survive against all odds and achieve greatness out of nothing. That is what we have been denied.


Suffering, My Master.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my struggle. Not because I want to make myself out to be the strongest of the strong or the ultimate representation of machismo. But because I want you to realize that if I am capable of overcoming such significant conflicts with a positive outcome, then you are too.

We must rise together. I do not want you to waste your potential in the same way that so many others have. My fight against the modern world is to encourage a shift in consciousness and ability. To encourage those like me to relentlessly continue their battles, whatever they may be. And to be successful in achieving the kind of strength and mastery that few will obtain.

The power of inescapable suffering is not something I learned willingly. It was an unexpected side effect of a violent fall I took as an infant, causing a neck injury that went unnoticed for decades. This type of neck injury comes with several symptoms that often take years to become noticeable. One of these symptoms includes the weakening or complete disconnection of signals from the brain to the muscles and organs below. Similar cases show that complete paralysis can result from lack of treatment or even sudden death from organ failure. So far, I consider myself lucky to have avoided both of these scenarios.

Physical side effects aren’t the only consequences of this neck injury. The severe neurological stress and pressure on the brain stem also have a way of bringing on terrible depression, unnecessary anxiety, memory loss, an inability to focus, lack of coordination, and a difficulty in communicating clearly. Considering that this happened when I was barely a year old, I never had an accurate reference for what normal should feel like. Looking back, I have to realize that many of my experiences were experienced through the filter of this injury.

My Struggle.

It wasn’t until I was 25 that I figured out that something was seriously wrong and began immediate rehabilitation. Since this injury was a threat to my life, I had no choice but to put everything on hold and focus entirely on healing. For the first two years, I spent the majority of my time in bed, incapable of the most basic everyday activities. As a man who was committed to achieving significant goals in many areas, it was very difficult to set them aside. Ironically, it was the only choice I had if I wished to ever achieve them.

One of my passions included moving from the music industry into the fitness industry. After about seven or eight years of training and education in that area, it was my goal to transfer from running a recording studio into running a private training facility. For most people, it’s a struggle just to get them into the gym. But to me, it was a part of who I was and that part was being ripped from me violently. Along with the crippling of my musical pursuits and my love of backpacking and survivalism.

The physical pain I experienced during this time was beyond anything I had taken on in the gym. It wasn’t the kind of pain that merely left you uncomfortable. Instead, it was all-encompassing. It drowned out the world around me and suffocated my personality, locking it away somewhere deep inside. Leaving me to succumb to the worst parts of myself, as the psychological side effects piled on top of circumstantial emotions. I gave in to any means of momentary escape, even if they came with unfavorable consequences.

I lost a lot of people over the years, including the woman I had been involved with for the better part of a decade. It’s funny how only in times of struggle do you truly find out who your real friends are. In reality, this purge ended up being a positive thing. It disposed of those who could not join me on my journey and brought me closer to people who now mean more to me than any connection I had in the past. But even though I can see that now, at the time the betrayal and loneliness was just another element of suffering to overcome.

Everyone was moving on with their lives and I was trapped in a prison that there was no escape from. Everything I had was sacrificed for a greater cause: my relationship, my independence, my financial resources, my passions, my goals, my hobbies, and much more. No matter how much I explained my situation to other people, there’s was no way that they could really understand what I was going through.

These situations seem to make people discard you and look down at you for something that wasn’t your fault. Merely so they can feel better about their accomplishments and the anchors that they’ve shackled to their ankles, before tossing them into the bottomless ocean of modernity. I was completely alone, no matter who was with me.

The Overcoming.

As of now, I have been fighting to rehabilitate my injury for almost seven years. Aside from the efforts of my chiropractor, most doctors that I have seen have been utterly useless. But because of my prior knowledge of physical training, I have been able to develop my own programs for neurological reawakening and education. As well as working towards a healthy muscular balance.

It is impossible to experience what I have gone through and remain the same person on the other end. Even though my fight continues, my efforts have been worth every ounce of pain that I have endured. The depression has become non-existent, my physical capabilities increase on a weekly basis, my mind is stronger than ever before, and my quality of life continues to increase.

Most people would probably say that they wish something like this never happened to them, but I can’t say the same. Without this struggle, I would not be the man I am today. I would not have overcome the sicknesses and flaws that this modern world inflicts upon us all. My vision would not have shifted in such a way that has illuminated that which is truly valuable in this world. I would not be here to share the lessons that I have begun to pour into this website.

This struggle was not my prison; it was my education. The gods have put me on this path for a reason and I will not let it go to waste.


Wisdom From Sacrifice. 

There is a very noticeable shift in consciousness that takes place when you return to city life after spending extended amounts of time in the wilderness. You’ve been hardened in a way that allows you to endure the brutal conditions, while also being able to maintain a reasonable level of psychological prosperity. You return as a wild beast to a land filled with domesticated zoo animals. In much of the same way, this is what I have experienced as my condition continues to improve.

In order to survive what I have experienced, it was necessary to build upon many skills. The more I physically improve, the less effort it takes to use these skills. Just as the weightlifter endures the struggle of lifting heavy weights continuously so that they may one day feel light on his back; my mind has been trained to bear the weight of the world.

I have learned the value of suffering itself.

I have learned to endure suffering gracefully and relentlessly. Both mentally and physically.

I have learned to sacrifice small things for greater rewards and to make sacrifices for those who matter more to me than myself.

I have lost the ability to give up. My philosophy is “ to conquer or to die trying.”

I have learned the ability to control my emotional responses and to become impenetrable against external manipulation.

I have learned to monitor my thought patterns. To destroy doubt and discard destructive thoughts.

I have learned to be less attached to controlling what is beyond my power and to adapt to whatever trial I may face in the future.

I have learned extreme patience and have discarded immediate gratification.

I have increased my spiritual connection and power, discovering a deeper meaning to my own existence.

I have learned an appreciation for the little things and for my tribe.

I have learned that the most valuable things in life are the people that we love, the memories that we make with them, and the future that we provide for those who will come after us.

I have detached myself from trivialities, from destructive vices, and meaningless endeavors.

I have lost any fear of darkness or of death. I have walked the darkness and the darkness is mine to rule.

I have gained strength.

I have gained wisdom.

I have gained truth.

I have gained courage and discipline.

I have gained self-reliance, selflessness, and industriousness.

I have gained strong principles and morals that are worth dying for.

I have died and been reborn anew.

A Warrior Is A Product Of Change.

We talk a lot about warrior culture, but what does it really mean to be a warrior? A warrior is someone who endures pain, loss, loneliness, and tragedy, but still moves forward. They are forged in the fire like a samurai sword, making them a deadly weapon or an effective tool of strength, love, and protection. A man cannot be a warrior without suffering.

In order to become warriors, we MUST suffer. In order for our sons to become warriors, THEY must suffer. And we must show them the way to becoming greater men than ourselves. Giving them a life of ease and comfort is a disservice to them, as it has been to many men of our generation. Many of whom will never survive beyond their comfortable place on the couch.

Can you see what kind of change is possible within us? I may not be proud of the person I was when I was younger, but I am damn proud of the man that I am becoming. THAT is fundamental change. Who I was has died and out of that sacrifice I have been reborn. This rebirth is our purpose as heathens, as we continuously struggle and fight to earn our place among the gods. We may not be able to detach ourselves from the responsibilities of our past. But we can carve a future that ensures we will not be eternally stained with a reputation of weakness and of shame.

Keeping this in mind, I challenge you to challenge yourself. I challenge you to spit upon your weakness and discard it. Embrace your suffering, experience it fully, and allow it to mold you into something worthy of honor. You are not who you already are, you are who you allow yourself to become. Absolute change is not only possible, but it is necessary.

Roman Eagle Long

The Nature Of Women & Being A Good Man.


Masculinity is a force that shifts in its nature over the course of a man’s life. As his life changes so does his purpose, and he must adapt himself accordingly. This is a fundamental idea that has often been ignored by other writers, who generally focus on masculinity from the confines of a purely masculine environment. It is true that a man must be recognized as an effective unit among a group of men, but a man is not complete if he is not also recognized as a man in balance to the nature of women.

A young man’s purpose is to explore his masculinity to the absolute extreme, to educate himself in the ways of being a man, and to prove his worth among his brothers. But as men get older, they also must take part in their duty to expand their heritage, continue their bloodline, and nurture their community. This requires the ability of a man to portray the qualities that are attractive to women and that can aid in sustaining a healthy and happy family life. Through these actions, men not only sustain their own ability to live but also their family’s and their folk’s.

The Relationship Between Men And Women

We live in a time where dating is more difficult than ever before. The virus of the modern world has stripped greater civilization of its shared values, shared culture, and the benefits of a tight-knit community. Because of this, the characteristics of successful relationships are no longer being naturally developed within our youth. To make matters worse, our enemies use this disconnection from our roots to replace our values with degeneracy and filth.

In order to fight against the disease that eats away at our collective future, we must examine the dramatic differences between men and women, while also making the effort to understand their distinctive purposes. We must nurture our ability and desire to develop healthy and effective family units. That is the only way to secure a future for our people.

The Balance

The relationship between masculinity and femininity are of two opposing forces which work together in order to serve a greater purpose. These two forces are not interchangeable or created equal, and the maintenance of this balance is important to the foundation of a healthy society. When men and women are stripped of their unique God-given purpose, it is not a sense of freedom that they inherit, but a loss of what is truly fulfilling to their soul.

The traits in the following diagram are absolutes, showing absolute masculine and absolute feminine. All men and women have both masculine and feminine traits, but depending on the individual, they manifest themselves to a different degree.

Men who burn at the hottest end of the masculine spectrum often require women who are in their absolute feminine to achieve a balanced relationship. You’ll find that the roles of a man and a woman in a specific relationship will never be the same across the board. Rather, they are distributed according to their own specific energetic strengths. Men and women will often gravitate towards partners who complete their own personal balance.


The Purpose

Just as masculinity shifts in its purpose over time, so does femininity. Understanding what these purposes are will aid you in your own development and help you become the kind of man that will bring good women into your life.

The Masculine Life-Cycle

From an evolutionary standpoint, the basic purpose of man is to aid in providing safety and resources; allowing for the continuation of his and his partner’s genes. This basic purpose is the inspiration that leads to the development of tribes and a growing civilization. From this point of view, a man’s typical life cycle is outlined below.

Early Life: In this portion of our lives we begin to discover the basic traits of being a man. Many traits will come to the surface naturally and others we will learn to emulate through watching our fathers or other male members of our community. This is the fundamental foundation of a masculine education. The values that are instilled within us during this time will likely shape who we become in the future.

Teen-Life: During our teens, we begin to further understand our masculinity and put it to the test among other males. Going through the process of puberty also intensifies our unique traits and desires, usually in a very awkward manner. Many of these experiences will be new and powerful. It will take time to learn to balance these forces and gain control over them. Here we take our first real step into the shoes of manhood and start shaping our plans for the future.

Early Adult Life: As young men, we begin to chase after our goals, further develop our minds and bodies, as well as build a foundation for the acquisition of power or resources. Here we prepare ourselves to take over the role of leaders of men and the providers of our families. This is the rite of passage that will set men apart from boys and separate good men from tyrants.

Mid-Life: Here we begin to take on the role that our fathers had in our own lives. By this point in life, we should be established and capable providers. Our personal character should be polished, as well as our minds and bodies, making us the prime choice for a partner to our women. This will also aid us in raising proper children of our own, who will grow up to be adults that make us proud and continue our way of life.

Old Age: As we begin to reach our twilight it will be necessary for us to have a continued purpose. We are now the elder of a larger family that has expanded more than a single generation. We must continue to find fulfillment in our achievements as men, as fathers, and as husbands. We must also make sure to nurture our traditions and pass down the wisdom we have obtained within our lives to our immediate descendants. What we leave behind will be our legacy and will shape the future of our people.

The Feminine Purpose

A woman’s basic purpose is the nurturing of her children, family, and community. The walls built around civilization by men provide the safe space for women to work their magic. Men make civilization possible, but women give it greater meaning. It is women who teach love at its greatest depths. It is women who inspire their daughters to become mothers worthy of worship and their sons to become men of honor. They are the keepers of culture and education. They are the earthbound goddesses that make the sacrifices of men worth the blood that they have given.

The implementation of feminist ideology seeks to strip women of their natural grace and put them into the same category as men. As this poison sinks deeper into the foundation of our civilization, fewer women see their true value and deny it in order to compete in the masculine arena. Not only does this destroy the balance that makes a healthy relationship possible but it also removes from a society that which gives men reason to defend it.

Being A Man Among Women


We know that from an evolutionary perspective that women seek men who are capable of providing the right environment to successfully raise children. It is easy to get lost in the idea that it is mere economic resources that bring women into your realm. But economic success alone does not guarantee that a man is capable of adequately maintaining a long-term relationship. When a man lacks the necessary traits to hold a family together, the damage done to the development of their children can be catastrophic.

Genetic quality is also an aspect that both partners seek, which for all of us is a luck of the draw. But just as with economic resources, genes alone are not enough to stabilize a family. So what qualities make a man good at being the head of his family? What qualities make a woman satisfied in their relationship with him? And what qualities drive relationships to last a lifetime?

1) Confidence

True confidence is not something that men are born with. Sure, some men are good at faking confidence and others are too stupid to realize when they have nothing to be legitimately confident about. But true confidence is earned through a man’s personal development. He has worked hard to hone his abilities, knows what he is capable of, and knows what those abilities are worth. A man with this kind of confidence cannot be easily broken. He cannot be easily angered when challenged by weaker men. He is solid in his existence and has no need for overcompensation. He presents himself completely and honestly.

He does not chase. He does not beg. He does not doubt because he can adapt. He goes after what he wants and if he receives nothing in return, or if what he finds is not suitable to his standards; he is upfront about that and removes himself from the situation. A confident man knows he has options.

2) Self Control

A man’s relationship with a woman is that of a pillar of strength. Women are known to be somewhat chaotic in their being. They are constantly changing emotionally. They are curious and adventurous. Her life is like a rollercoaster and she benefits greatly by having something that is consistent in her life. A man should be balanced and grounded. When she loses herself to her own chaos, he brings her back to the calm. His consistency is a realm of certainty and safety for her. A man who is in control is difficult to walk away from.

Women will often test you to find out just how in control you actually are. If you do not pass these tests, then they will move on to someone else.

3) Developed Ability

A man must be capable in many areas. As a protector, he must be skilled in violence, physical fitness, and basic medical treatments. As a provider, he should be able to bring home the bacon, in one way or another. He should be capable of maintaining the home and giving life to the garden. If something breaks, he shouldn’t always have to hire another man to fix it for him. He should be a problem solver and a stubborn creator.

There are plenty of useless men in the world. Don’t be one of them. There should be more to your life than football, beer, and video games.

4) Attentiveness

A man should have the ability to watch and to listen. He should be concerned about the needs of his partner and his children. He should not be oblivious to the subtle problems that occur within the home. He should be active in finding solutions when a solution is available. Women don’t always make sense from the masculine perspective, but that does not negate the legitimacy of their experience.

Even when we do not understand, sometimes the only solution a woman needs is the attentive ear of someone who cares.

5) Compassion

A family man is not a man who only cares about himself. A certain amount of selfishness is necessary for everyone. If you don’t take the time to take care of yourself, then you won’t be of any use to anyone else. But there are times when making sacrifices for the people you love is an act of nobility. Sometimes you have to give something up so that your family can have something that is imperative to their growth.

6) Commitment

A family can only last if everyone involved is 100% committed to its maintenance. A sense of loyalty and trust is a huge part of the foundation upon which a successful relationship is built. If that foundation is broken, then there is likely no chance to repair it. If you do not intend to be a committed member of the family, then you have no business putting yourself in that position to begin with. To be dishonest with your intentions and to manipulate the lives of women and children is a shameful and dishonorable act.

7) Decisiveness and Action Taking

Women don’t like men who can’t make up their minds, who don’t know what they want or don’t have the ability to act upon their desires. That kind of passive and wishy-washy behavior is not reflective of masculine traits. A man should have his sights on something. He should have goals to achieve. He should be capable of leading and driving the family forward towards something greater. We are not creatures of uncertainty.

8) Passion For Life

Women want to know that a man has something in his life other than them. They don’t want to deal with the kind of clingy men who rely on them for happiness and excitement. A man should have other hobbies and goals that light the fire in his eyes and bring joy to his face. A man of depth and substance is significantly more attractive than an empty shell seeking external fulfillment. If you can’t bring fulfillment to yourself, then how do you expect to lead a family towards fulfillment?

Read books. Have a sense of humor. Learn to play an instrument. Be explorative and exciting. And don’t forget to show interest in your partner’s passions as well.

Roman Eagle Long


Heathen Philosophy


Our rich and vibrant history as Europeans has often been degraded and watered down by those looking to discredit our natural way of life. They look at the myths as a literal interpretation of what our forebears believed and fail to understand the complex knowledge that lives within them. To me, it is ironic that they consider our spiritual perceptions to be primitive while continuing to put so much weight in a temperamental desert god. Meanwhile, they fail to realize that most Christian practices or philosophies with any significant worth find their inception within pagan tradition.

My purpose in writing this article is not to provide you with historical information, to guide you in ritualism, to explain the meaning of the myths, or to translate runic symbolism. There are many other resources that adequately cover those topics far better than I could on a short form platform such as this. Instead, I hope to provide you with some insight into the perceptions and worldviews of a practicing pagan in the modern world. It is my intention to use language that is easy to understand for those who are unfamiliar with the old ways, or even people who have begun to find their own connection with their ancestors.

The Basis Of The Pagan Perception

What we believe comes from three main sources of influence.

1) The historical aspects passed down from generation to generation.

2) Observations of the natural world.

3) Personal life experiences.

These three things shape how we perceive the gods, shape our philosophy, and continue our traditions. Our connection to the past is the foundation upon which we build our future. It keeps our sights on that which is most important and ensures that we will not get lost pursuing trivial or self-destructive endeavors.

What Are The Gods

Myth has been used to convey complex ideas in a way that makes them easier to remember and understand. Including depictions of our gods, their adventures, and what we can learn from them.

The gods themselves are representative of the many elements that can be found in the natural world. Their humanized portrayal reminds us that we have a direct connection with the gods and have a mutual relationship with them. Other spiritual practices tend to separate a people from their god or gods, designating a Master and Servant relationship. The heathen view considers that the gods are us and we are them, forever joined in a mutually beneficial relationship.


Beyond the physical realm are powers that are not apparent to our human senses, yet that does not make them any less real. Much like a gas that cannot be detected by its smell, but is no less deadly than a gas with an obvious odor. What we can see, smell, and touch, is not always an accurate depiction of absolute reality.

Mainstream science will tell you that consciousness is a random byproduct of the brain, but there are specialists in biological and medical chemistry who disagree with this assumption. They believe that consciousness is not a product of physicality, only that it is influenced by it. Much like a television’s internal wiring influences its signal processing and the quality of the picture you receive. The television itself does not create the program you‘re watching, nor does your brain create consciousness. It is merely the receiver of an external signal, which allows you to interact with it directly.

Consciousness is absolutely fundamental to nature and it is stitched into the very fabric of reality. From the pagan perspective, what we experience in the physical realm is a manifested byproduct of divine consciousness itself. Meaning that much of what we consider to be our gods are manifested in the outer heavens, our immediate environment, the life within that environment, the natural cycles that they go through, our ancestors, and our own relationship or immediate connection to those elements.

Because the physical realm is a direct manifestation of divine consciousness, everything we need to know about our gods or what they expect from us is readily available within it. Natural Law IS Divine Law. Man-made dogma is completely superficial and illegitimate when it challenges or goes against the rules displayed by the natural world.

While the gods are certainly present within all of us, they also represent something to attain. They are a more advanced and enlightened level of consciousness, created through their own sacrifices and spiritual evolutionary processes. They show us the way, but we must choose to follow their path. Whether or not we fulfill our own purpose in this life is entirely up to us. No matter how difficult the challenges in front of us are, we must realize that those are the challenges necessary for us to metaphysically evolve.


The Purpose Of Life

If you want to understand the purpose of life, then you have to ask yourself WHY does consciousness manifest itself in physical form? We know that energy itself cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be altered from its previous state.

Through understanding the demands of natural law and following the example of the gods, we are capable of ascending our own consciousness towards divine consciousness. This is what we believe to be the purpose of the physical realm: to act as a gateway where consciousness itself can be manipulated and improved, both individually and collectively. Beyond this life, your evolution will not be weighed out by your popularity, material gain, or any other such superficial standards. Its value can only be determined by the quality of your soul, which is timeless and eternal. It is the development of your self-realization that transcends life, nothing more. Our purpose here is to achieve spiritual growth and evolve towards god consciousness.

This spiritual evolution demands not only that we pursue our own individual development, but also that we ensure a continued evolution through the survival of our race and culture. Therefore pursuing the perfection of our inherent uniqueness as a species, as nature intended. Who we are on a spiritual level is mirrored in our way of life, and in order to continue a collective climb towards divinity, it is necessary that previous development provides a solid stepping-stone for future generations. We must not forget what we have learned.

Our culture was created by recognizing our place within nature, obtaining our base needs for survival, and nurturing values that go beyond those base needs. Because of this, our way of life should have a strong connection to the land, unbreakable family or communal bonds, deep spiritual expressions, clear values to demand or aspire to, and an overall growth-minded organization.

When we stray from our traditional values, we not only stagnate our individual and collective evolution, but we also create the perfect breeding ground for psychological sickness and societal destruction. This can be blatantly seen in the current conditions of the modern world, which is currently tearing itself apart.

If we have any care to secure a future for our children, then a return to our natural way of life is the only way it will be possible. Anything else is a band-aid on a gunshot wound.

To sever our roots is to kill our future.

Why Paganism Is Folkish

There are two types of people you will come across in the heathen world, folkish heathens and universalists. Notice that I do not bother to call universalists “heathens,” as their only true relation to the spiritual practice is an attachment to stereotypical fashion and outward displays of empty ritualism. They do not earn strength, they do not gain wisdom, they do not honor their ancestors or demonstrate discipline. In fact, they seem to spend more time ridiculing and demonizing their heritage, instead of defending and expanding it. When they’re not doing that, their hobbies usually include gluttony, alcoholism, drug addiction, and deviant sexual perversion. They know nothing of loyalty, honor, courage, or self-reliance.

Universalists treat heathenry as if it is endowed with the same weak egalitarian ideals that is found in Christian philosophy. But the very basis of heathen spirituality makes it completely incompatible with all-inclusive ideologies.

As I have mentioned previously, our way of life is heavily shaped by our natural evolution within the European bioregion and is strongly focused on ancestral connections. This makes it completely ridiculous and superficial for someone who does not share that ancestral connection to attach themselves to our way of life. Are they not proud of their own ancestors? Have their ancestors not provided anything for them that is worth continuing? And if not, do they not have the ability to create a proud legacy of their own?

Our Place In The Cycle

Within heathenry, there is a dominant theme regarding the cyclical nature of the world. This cycle follows the standard birth, life, physical degeneration, death, and rebirth pattern. All of our important celebrations and hallowed days also follow this pattern, within the yearly shifting of the seasons.

Our own inclusion in this pattern shows us our ancestors behind us and our descendants in front of us. We feel the energy that stems from our roots and take care to continue that energy into the future. Our part in the cycle guarantees our own rebirth and our chance to continue spiritual evolution in the physical realm. Without this connection to our unique past, one cannot be a European Heathen. It is simply impossible.

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10 Aspects Of Natural Masculinity.


There are two types of masculinity in the modern world and they are not created equal.

Natural Masculinity: Natural masculinity is representative of our manifestation within nature. It is influenced by the culture, the philosophies, the mentalities, and spiritual practices that were born out of our struggle to survive, within our unique geographical location.

Artificial Masculinity: Artificial masculinity is a product of external influence and an illegitimate programming encouraged by the inferior culture and philosophies of egalitarianism and materialistic consumerism. It places value on valueless and self-destructive ideals.

In order to understand natural masculinity, as opposed to artificial masculinity, it is necessary that we explore the elements that have caused it to manifest, maintain itself, and progress its strength. What is it that has altered men from warriors capable of carving their will into the world and turned them into pushovers so easily willing to give it all away? When a man is faced with a threat to his will, his life, his family, or his homeland; he should stand boldly in the face of his enemies, ready to unleash his most brutal nature upon them.

In its most simplified form, masculinity was born out of struggle and the will to live. When faced with the harsh bite of nature’s teeth early man was forced to either bite back or die. He had to defend himself, his woman, and his children against the elements, hungry predators, and other men. His philosophy was formed by the experiences of his forebears and his own personal observations. It was not watered down by egalitarian pipe dreams or by the superstitious dogmas used by rulers to weaken his resolve. Strength was important. Ability was important. And mentality was important.

In modern times, what men are has been replaced by what some people believe men should be. They want men to be something that is easier for them to accept, to control, and more pleasant for them to look upon. Instead of the natural and effective beast that he truly is, they believe he should be more in touch with his emotions and wrapped neatly in a well-mannered package. As if either of these elements accurately reflects on his ability to fulfill his duties to his people.

They prefer men who bicker like women about trivial matters while the world around them decays back into degenerated chaos and decadence. They want men without a spine who cannot stand up for themselves, who cannot challenge those who conflict with his beliefs, and who constantly seek approval from outsiders. They want you to roll over like a dog, hoping to be rewarded with a bone and to accept whatever order your masters command. Even if it brings about your own destruction.

A man is only as good as his philosophy, his spiritual connection to that philosophy, and his ability to manifest that philosophy into an effective reality. My personal philosophies have been influenced by the study of my ancestors, by my own life experiences, and by the man who raised me. I believe that if we have had good fathers, and if we are growth-focused individuals; we all become more extreme versions of them. That is upward evolution. But if we place our worth in areas that do not challenge us or force us to become more than what we started out to be, we will be lost to ourselves and to our ultimate purpose.

We are not what we own. We are not the clothes that we wear. We are not defined by fame or popularity. We can only be weighed by our mentality, our deeds, and what we leave behind in this world.

The following list is a collection of statements that I believe to be a reflection of natural masculinity. They are something that each of us can remember and strive to become. Do not think that I expect every man in every portion of his life to live up to these statements. But as long as you can see their value and work towards your own self-improvement, then that is an endeavor worthy of praise and support.

1) A man should not be afraid to climb the mountain.

I mean that both literally and figuratively. No matter how brutal a challenge stands in a man’s way, he should accept reality as it is and face that challenge with confidence and determination. His mind can overpower fear, withstand pain, and has both the focus and the patience to outlast it.

2) A man does not beg for safety, he creates it for himself and others.

Men are not born warriors, but they possess the potential to become one. Part of our natural duty is the defense of our women, our children, our elders, and our homelands. Since we are no longer born into a warrior culture, it will be necessary for you to seek out the proper training for both the body and mind and to dedicate your lives to their mastery. Your life, your nations, or your loved ones might depend on it. Do not bow before your enemies, but strike fear into their hearts.

3) A man does not willingly allow himself to decay, but constantly takes action to preserve his virility.

Aging might cause a natural decay in our minds and bodies, but there are remedies that allow us some control over just how much we allow that decay to overcome us. Staying physically active, continuing to challenge our minds, and always having a purpose will contribute to a higher quality of life as time passes. It will be the difference between becoming crippled and losing our minds, or standing on our feet and continuing to conquer until the reaper comes for us all.

Staying in shape is part of your duty as a warrior, as a provider, and as a protector. A weak, feeble, and lazy man is useless to his tribe.

4) A man is not easily pushed over. He responds to challenges and threats with courage, whether that requires him to be verbal, physical, or deadly.

A man should have a strong backbone and not be the one who so easily gives up. He should hold strong principles, opinions, and spiritual practices. None of these should be compromised by his enemies and should only be altered when presented with evidence of a stronger way of being.

The willingness to die for something shows the true extent of its value.

Avenge the wronged. Defend the weak and innocent. Never abandon friends and allies.

5) A man knows his duty and fulfills it with grace and gratitude.

Our duty is our purpose. It gives meaning to masculinity and drives us to become greater than what we once were. Challenges should be met with honor and without complaint. We should be thankful for the chance to learn, to grow, and to provide for those we love.

6) A man is honest, just, and does not break his promises.

Nobility requires honesty, loyalty, a respect for life, and avoiding deception. Men who lie do so out of fear or weakness. A man who lies carries nothing that is worthy of respect. Your word is your bond and if you cannot keep your word, no one will stand by your side.

7) A man will make sacrifices for his family and tribe.

The life of a man is a life of service to others. Having something in his life that he considers to be more important than himself is necessary to shaping his character and drives him to make his abilities effective. Without this influence in his life, he is more likely to dive into escapism and lose himself to self-destructive behaviors. He is also more likely to harm others for selfish reasons.

8) A man makes himself capable in many areas. He is eager to study, to learn, to achieve mastery, and pass what he learns to other men and the next generation of his kind.

The saying goes “Jack of all trades, Master of none.” This can certainly apply to some individuals, but as an overall statement, it is absolute nonsense. The ability to learn a skill is a skill within itself and a process that I have outlined in a previous post. Once you know HOW to learn, it will be the intensity of your focus upon that skills that decides the time between beginner and mastery. It is more than likely that there are minutes or hours within your day that could be better spent. An able man is a strong man.

9) A man nurtures self-awareness and adopts reason as a weapon against an uncontrolled ego.

It is very important for a man to examine himself and to become aware of unconscious influence over our thought process. As I said before, it is necessary for men to have strong opinions and practices. But it is also necessary for a man to be adaptable to useful change, to admit when he was wrong, and to be able to learn from his mistakes. It is our failures that will become our greatest teachers. Those who cannot do this will suffer from stagnation in many areas, limiting their overall ability to maximize their potential.

10) A man is fair, courteous, and loyal.

Men should be well spoken, be kind to women, have good manners, and never betray his friends. But he should also TAKE NO SHIT. Cut down traitors and drive off dangerous or manipulative women.

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The Fundamentals Of Firearms Training


Learning to use a firearm should be a necessary requirement for every modern individual. It is the equivalent of learning to use a bow or a spear in ancient times, which made the creation of civilization and the defense of life possible. A firearm allows us to defend our families, our property, and our nations; from threats that originate from within and from without. It also allows us to more easily acquire food should we be faced with emergency conditions.

Firearms teach and test our physical control, our psychological patience, and our ability to make important decisions under pressure. While many among us seek to demonize the weapon itself, they fail to see that a firearm is nothing more than a tool. The use of a tool depends entirely upon the character of the person who wields it. As long as these weapons exist it will be necessary for good men to carry them, as bad men will always look for ways to acquire an advantage over them.

When it comes to learning any skill, my motto is always SIMPLIFY SIMPLIFY SIMPLIFY. Break down the skill to its basic fundamentals and once you have mastered those, layer the more complex aspects on top of it. Here you will find everything you need to get you started with firearms training. Don’t over-complicate the learning process. Master these elements and you will already show more skill than the average hobbyist.

Basic Firearm Safety

Before a person handles a firearm for themselves they should first understand that it should not be taken lightly. Misuse or carelessness can end in injury or death, either for the handler or an innocent bystander. There are four main rules for firearm safety and they should be hammered into your mind and fiercely practiced.

1) Every weapon must always be treated as if it is loaded.

It doesn’t matter if you just unloaded it and stuck your finger in the chamber. As a means of encouraging safe habits, the weapon should ALWAYS be treated as if it were loaded. When it comes to personal safety or the safety of those around you, you will be held accountable for your actions.

2) Never point a weapon at anything that you are not prepared to destroy.

Rule number one extends to rule number two. The barrel itself should never sweep or be directly pointed at ANYTHING you wouldn’t mind injuring or destroying. You should be mindful of its placement at all times.

3) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are aligned and you have made the absolute decision to shoot.

Until you are ready to shoot what is in front of you, your finger should remain straightened and away from the trigger itself. Once a bullet leaves the barrel, you cannot take it back and must take responsibility for whatever it strikes.

4) Know where your target is and what is behind it.

Bullets have the capability of penetrating their targets. Because of this, you must not only know what you are shooting at but also what could potentially be struck on the other side. Failure to hone this awareness could result in the unintentional death of another person.

As an added rule, all firearms should be secured so that no unauthorized user may access them.

These rules should be reviewed and practiced indefinitely. Never allow yourself to become complacent or lacking in discipline in the area of firearms.

Firearm Function.

After learning basic safety, every individual should understand the parts of their weapon and how they function together. There are many types of firearms, all of which can have varying mechanical aspects. For the purpose of this article, I will review some of the most commonly used styles in modern times. Once you understand these basics, it should be simple for you to figure out the varying mechanics of different firearms.

The Revolver


Ammo for the revolver is loaded into the cylinder and unloaded with the use of the extractor rod. Most modern revolvers don’t require the hammer to be cocked manually before firing but do allow it as an option. Cocking the hammer before firing makes the trigger pull take less effort. As you pull the trigger, the hammer is released and activates the firing pin to fire the loaded round. The cylinder spins and puts the next round in position for you.

The Semi-Automatic Pistol


The picture shown above is a 9mm Glock 17, a typical modern semi-automatic pistol. Many handguns also come with a thumb safety that is often positioned on the frame at the rear of the slide. But the Glock different in that it only has a trigger safety, which prevents the gun from firing unless the trigger is pulled.

The loaded magazine is placed into the base of the gun and the slide is manually pulled back in order to chamber the first round. The mechanism itself is operated by the force of the bullet being fired. The pressure forces the slide backward, ejecting the spent round from the chamber. The spring absorbs a lot of the energy from the slide’s movement then aids it in returning to its original position. When the slide moves forward it will catch the next round in your magazine and readies it to be fired. After your magazine has been emptied the slide will lock open, letting you know that it is time to reload.

The Bolt-Action Rifle


Bolt-action rifles are fantastic for hunting and long range shooting. Since rounds are manually ejected and reloaded with the use of the bolt, there are less moving pieces as the round leaves the barrel. This means that there are fewer factors which contribute to slight movements during operation, making them a superior option for accuracy at greater distances. However, shots can only be fired as fast as you can work the bolt.

The Semi-Automatic Rifle


The Ar-15 uses the charging handle to load the first found into the chamber. As the round is fired, the internal gas port vents the gas that is released from the shot, sending it through the gas block and gas tube into the receiver. Here, it powers the bolt carrier group and cycles the next round. Shots from this rifle can be fired as fast as you can pull the trigger. The quality of maintenance provided to the rifle, as well as different brands of ammo available, can all influence the overall performance of your firearm.

Pump-Action Shotgun


The magazine for the typical shotgun is built within the gun itself. As you pump the forestock, it loads the first round into the chamber where it is ready to be fired. After you fire the round it is necessary to pump the forestock again, which ejects the empty shell and loads the next round.

Semi-Automatic Shotgun


A semi-automatic shotgun works very similarly to a pump-action shotgun, but it removes the need to manually eject and load the round. The semi-automatic shotgun above has a built-in magazine just like the pump-action shotgun. Some shotguns can also be equipped with detachable magazines that increase the number of rounds it can carry.

Ammo Calibers

Caliber is the unit in which the bullet’s diameter is measured. Generally speaking, the larger the caliber, the more takedown power it has. Smaller calibers can be just as deadly as larger calibers if the skill of the shooter is sufficient. But depending on the intended use of your firearm, it is a good idea to pick a caliber that is suitable for the job.

Calibers also come in different grains, which is how the projectile’s mass or weight is measured. The bullet weight influences the way it flies and how it performs when striking a target. Heavier bullets travel slower but hit with greater momentum, while lighter bullets have a flatter trajectory and greater velocity. People often debate over what grains are more suitable for different purposes. Some people prefer a heavy grain hollow point for defensive ammunition, while others may prefer a lighter, faster bullet.

Keep in mind that for most purposes putting a round on target is more important than how many grains it carries. Unless you are precision target shooting, hunting animals at great distances, or you are a career law enforcement or military sniper; it is easiest to go with the manufacturer’s recommended use for the round in question.

Below, you will find some examples of the most common ammunition types for handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Many other calibers and variations of calibers do exist, especially for historical guns, but this should be a sufficient review for our purposes.


Understanding Your Sight Picture

There are many different kinds of sight pictures that you will encounter when shooting various firearms, but they all serve the same basic purpose: to align your barrel in a straight line and adjust your point of aim.

Here are the steps you need to take in order to use your sights correctly.

Align your front and rear sights

On most handguns, and many rifles, your rear sight consists of two posts and the front sight is a single post on the tip of your barrel. For these types of sights, you want to center your front sight between the rear sights, creating an equal amount of space to the left and right of the front sight. You also want to position the height of the front sight so that it is flush with the top of your rear sights.


Many modern rifles have a rear sight that is circular and a front sight consisting of two large outer prongs and one smaller center prong. Here, the tip of the smaller prong should be flush with the center of the circle and there should be equal spacing between the outer prongs and the inner edges of your rear sight.

AR15 Sight Picture

Focus Your Eyes On The Sights

When shooting, your main focus should be on your sights and not the target. More specifically, your front sight should attract the majority of your focus. Both the rear sights and your target should be somewhat blurry. You will still be able to see them and be aware of their position, but they will be much less crisp than the appearance of your front sight. The main purpose of the front sight is to show you the firearm’s relative position to your target.

 Choose A Point Of Aim

There are three official points of aim that are acceptable for successful shooting. None of them are technically better than the others so it will be necessary for you to test them out yourself and see which works best for you.

6:00 Hold: The tip of your front sight sits just below the bullseye.

Center Mass Hold: The tip of your front sight runs flush with the center of your target.

Dead On Hold: The front sight covers the center of your target.


Iron sights should always be your main area of practice as a beginner. There are many other options for aiming a firearm, including scopes and red dots. But if you do not master the fundamentals, you could be caught helpless in a deadly situation should these mechanisms fail you.

 Firing Positions And Grips 

Holding your firearm properly will dramatically improve your ability to keep your sights on target, compensate for recoil, and place your shots where you want them. An improper grip can cause shots to be thrown off target or even result in injury or slide bite. Since this is a resource for beginners, I won’t attempt to cover all existing styles, but rather give you an effective starting point for practice.

Two-Handed Pistol Grip 

New Grip 3

If you’re new to firing a pistol, it is a good idea to maintain two-handed practice until you become more acquainted and capable with the weapon. Once you have gained some basic skill, then it would be advised to alter practice between two-handed and one-handed styles. The above picture shows the most common two-handed pistol grip.

The firing hand centers the grip of the pistol between the thumb and pointer finger, making sure that the pistol is held in a straight line. The trigger finger remains extended until you are ready to fire, while the remaining fingers apply pressure to the grip. It is important not to overextend your fingers around the grip, causing it to move the gun out of proper alignment. Instead, fold your fingers over the front of the grip and apply a front-to-back pressure that will allow you to keep the weapon stabilized even while in use. Make sure that your hand does not sit up too high on the firearm and do not place any fingers in the way of moving parts. That is a lesson you will learn quickly if your hand gets caught in the slide.


Your secondary hand is your support hand. It wraps around your firing hand in order to give you added leverage over the weapon while in use. Notice the position of the thumbs in the example above.

Both hands should grip the firearm with an equal amount of pressure or as hard as it takes to track up and down with the least amount of muzzle rise. A grip that is too relaxed will have you struggling with recoil and erratic tracking. It may also fail to feed or eject the spent round.

An excessive grip, in contrast, may negatively impact your sight alignment, inhibit your trigger control, and create fatigue in your hands and forearms. Both the pistol type and the caliber you’re firing will determine how much grip pressure is needed.

Pistol Shooting Stances

The two most common shooting stances for the pistol are the isosceles stance and the weaver stance. Each of these can also be modified in ways that may be preferable to some shooters. But it is wise to begin with their foundations until you are adequately familiar with both.

The Isosceles Stance: 


Stand facing your target with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly and extend your firearm toward your target, keeping your arms straight and locked. With your shoulders squared, your arms will form the perfect isosceles triangle, from which this stance gets its name. Most beginners learn this stance first as it is simple, strong, and easy to perform under pressure.

The Classic Weaver Stance: 



Stand with your feet shoulder with apart while bringing your strong-side leg back into a boxer’s stance. Angle your support arm’s shoulder toward your target and bend your knees while keeping your body weight slightly forward. Grip your gun with opposite pressure in both hands, using the support hand to apply backward pressure and your firing arm to apply forward pressure. Keep both of your elbows bent with your support elbow pointing downward.

This stance was developed by Jack Weaver, a competitive shooter. He was the first to use a two-handed grip with opposite tension from both hands. He found that it provided accuracy, stability, and speed.

 Rifle Positions For Beginners

A rifle is a much different beast than a handgun and if you haven’t had much experience with them; I wouldn’t suggest starting to learn from a standing position. The two most common positions for beginners is bench shooting and prone shooting. These positions will help you become more familiar with the weapon, before adding other physical elements that will influence your control and accuracy.

Prone Shooting: 

Prone Positions

The prone style is the most stable field position possible, but it is not immune to being influenced by poor form. Here are a few ways that you can best utilize this form so that you will get the most out of it.

  • Utilize the natural alignment of your rifle to position it directly onto your intended target. Once the rifle is aligned, then you can easily position yourself behind it. You can either place yourself directly behind the rifle or you can choose to offset your legs. Choose whichever position works best for you and stick with it long term.
  • Make sure that the butt of the rifle is anchored firmly into the pocket of your shoulder. This will help reduce the chances of high or low impacts.
  • If you’re using a bipod, put some forward pressure on it so that it does not move from recoil.
  • Make sure both elbows are planted on the ground.
  • Keep your toes pointed out with your entire foot and legs maintaining contact with the ground.
  • Utilize your stock to keep your head in a natural alignment with your sights or scope.
  • Take deep breaths and relax your entire body. Allow your bone structure to keep the rifle on target.
  • Always shoot between breaths, while your lungs are empty.
  • Follow through on your shots. Don’t be quick to jump up from the rifle, work the bolt, or reset your trigger. As a basic rule, keep the trigger pulled back until you’re ready to set-up for your next shot.

Bench Shooting: 


Shooting from a bench is basically mechanically the same as shooting from the ground. This means that a majority of the fundamentals are the same, with the main difference being you. Instead of being stable on the ground, you are forced to support your own weight on a stool and are in a position that allows the upper torso to move around. This instability combined with improper alignment on the bench can cause your accuracy to diminish.

A huge tip for bench shooting is to get as much of your upper torso onto the bench as possible. While the majority of your body weight is supported by the stool, the bench will aid in stabilizing your upper body from excessive movement. This includes keeping your elbows planted on the table.

While keeping your shoulders square with your direction of fire, move your shoulders forward in front of your hips. Leaning forward into the gun helps maintain your foundation and keeps you firm against the recoil of the rifle.

Trigger Pull

Small mistakes in your trigger pull can significantly influence the accuracy of your shot placement. Even using the wrong portion of your finger can cause the barrel to move enough to throw your shots off your intended point of aim. Here are some tips to keep in mind in order to develop a proper trigger pull.

Isolate Your Trigger Finger:  

The index finger on your firing hand is used solely for the purpose of squeezing the trigger. When you are ready to fire, concentrate on moving this finger only. Isolate its movements from the rest of your hand in order to not throw off your sight picture.

Use The Pad Of Your Fingertip: 

Using the wrong part of your finger to pull the trigger can cause your shots to lean left or right. The image below shows you a proper placement and how an improper trigger pull can diminish your accuracy.


As you can see, the proper placement for your trigger pull is directly on the pad of your fingertip. Not on the tip itself or in the crease of your trigger finger.

Keep Your Focus: 

Shooting accurately is equally a mental skill as it is a physical skill. Don’t limit your focus only on what you’re shooting at, but also concentrate on what your body is doing while you are shooting. Concentrate on your trigger pull, where the trigger breaks, your grip pressure, and the trigger reset. Once you have developed a basic understanding of the shooting fundamentals, you will improve over time with practice and discipline.

Practice Slowly: 

Jerking your trigger finger will completely destroy your accuracy. Practice pulling the trigger evenly so that you do not disturb your sight alignment. Your trigger pull should be smooth, steady, and in complete control.

Don’t Flinch: 

Firing a gun is loud and your body anticipates the recoil of the firearm. Over time, you will become less sensitive to this, but you must practice keeping control of the firearm at all times. Not only up until the moment the round is fired.

Practice Dry Firing Exercises

Dry firing away from the range is an excellent way to practice your trigger pull. Without the added recoil, you will notice any unnecessary movement that needs to be worked on. It will help you focus on your overall grip and your disciplined control of your trigger pull. Most modern guns can be dry fired without damaging the firearm itself. But for some guns, it is wise to use snap caps as a safety precaution.

A common dry fire exercise that I use for my handgun practice requires you to balance an empty casing on your front sight. You should be able to pull the trigger without the casing falling to the ground. Give it a try.


Useful Tools: 

A quick search online will reveal some free targets that you can use to diagnose mechanical issues in your shooting technique. Here are a couple of those targets for left and right handed pistol shooters.


Getting Started

Learning to use a firearm is just like learning to weight lift or to play a musical instrument; it is a skill of muscle memory. In order to improve your shooting, it will be necessary to develop proper positioning and movement. This requires a good understanding of the firearm’s function as well as proper techniques. Everything I have provided you with should be the foundation of your training until you are ready to advance to more complex areas of shooting. Such as alternate stances, weapon draw, speed reloading, precision shooting, and stress training.

Your success will entirely depend on your consistency of practice and your ability to correct your form. Remember, these skills could one day save your life or the life of someone you love. If that means anything to you, then it will likely be reflected in the quality of your practice. This responsibility is entirely your own. I have done my part to help you, now do with it what you will.

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