WhiteWater Dom

The details of my story are not important to the mission of this website, but it is my story that has inspired its creation. Through years of struggle, I have climbed out of the all-encompassing emptiness of the modern world, only to find fulfillment in the lessons provided by our ancestors. What you are reading now is the foundation of these lessons, designed to illuminate the most valuable aspects of life and drive us, as individuals, to our maximum potential. My only goal is to give you value and provide the necessary torchlight through the difficult path that I have already traveled.

In return, all that I ask is that you vow, by blood and honor, the Oath Of The Wolf.

  • I will never stop evolving.
  • I will guide others to wisdom. 
  • I will not fear difficulty.
  • I will maintain my body and mind.
  • I will speak only truth.
  • I will uphold virtue and remove myself from dishonor. 
  • I will bring wrath upon the wicked.
  • By mind or by the sword, I will triumph.